Burglar dream dictionary


A dream about a burglary means that many of your problems will be solved. It can also represent the fear of going through certain situations.

Dream meaning of burglary

A dream about a burglary usually means that good fortune is knocking at your door and that important information will reach you that will help you solve serious challenges. The dreamer also advises you not to lose your head to those who don’t deserve it.


The interpretation of a dream about a burglary also makes you more aware of the injustices around you.

What does a dream about a burglary mean?

To see a burglary

The dream is a sign that good fortune is near. There will be new opportunities in your professional or personal life. You are about to reach a significant position in your career. Having more confidence in yourself and accepting challenges can help you build a solid career.

The dreamer notes that you feel there is an injustice in your relationship, such as an unfair division of responsibilities, unfair judgement, ignorance. Try to change this.

To see a burglary and to escape

A dream in which you see a burglary and escape means a new beginning and changes for the better.

The resumption of some activity should be seen as an opportunity to do something new and more solid.

To see a burglary and do nothing

A dream in which you see a burglary and do nothing about it indicates that you will finally find some peace of mind. You will have the chance to have a very good time in the company of people you care about.



This dream can refer to financial problems. If you had such a dream, there is a favourable change ahead, your financial situation will improve. If you are looking for a job or want to change your current one, the dream signals a positive change and the achievement of what you are looking for.

It is also possible that you feel deprived of the recognition you deserve. This can be related to work or family issues. You may feel disadvantaged or unappreciated. Talk to someone about your feelings.

Breaking into someone’s house (being a burglar)

A dream about breaking into someone’s house indicates that you will benefit financially from an investment you have made. However, you must not lose your vigilance.

Carefully analyse the opportunities that present themselves, so that you don’t miss the chance to make money, but also to experience true love.

Breaking into someone you know

The dream shows that you are not afraid of losing the person you love, you are sure of him. Another meaning of the dream is that someone you know or a family member needs your support. Recognise this and know that helping others will benefit you in the future.

Armed robbery

If you have just seen an armed robber, the dream indicates that your finances are safe.

If you are attacked by an armed robber in your dream, it is an indication that you will be successful in your professional life. If you have failed to defend yourself against a robbery, you will overcome the challenges you face.

Breaking into a bank

If you dream of breaking into a bank, you have a chance to advance your career.


Often a strategic retreat is required to overcome an obstacle. Stop for a moment and analyse everything that is happening in your financial life. Make the right decisions, for the meaning of the dream foretells success.

Burglary at work

The dream means that you are a hard working person. You can accomplish a lot in a short time. Your diligence will be recognised by others and this means that new opportunities will present themselves every day.

Breaking into a car

A dream about breaking into a car emphasises the influence of the family in your life. Family and friends are most important to you. This attitude has a strong influence on your future. Appreciate your family members.

Burglary abroad

The meaning of this dream is that your family will experience joyful moments. It will be something very positive that will create an opportunity to grow and have a paved path to success. Take every opportunity to grow.

Unsuccessful burglary

This dream indicates an increase in the importance of friendship in your life. Having loyal friends who are willing to lend a helping hand is priceless. Appreciate those who are truly on your side.

Burglar escapes

A dream in which a burglar escapes indicates that you will benefit financially. Take advantage of these moments and try to save for the future.

Police catch burglar

This dream signifies a settlement. An event from the past will finally be cleared up. You can fight for justice. You will finally regain your peace of mind.

Helping to catch a burglar

The dream indicates that you choose dialogue and always try to get along. In this way you will avoid problems and have a much calmer life. Talking to others and treating people well is the key to success.


Arrest of a burglar (Burglar in prison)

This dream is a sign that you will overcome a great difficulty in your professional or financial life. If you see a burglar in prison in your dream, it is a sign that you should not give up on your projects, that you should fight for them, because in the end you will always come out on top.

Dream meaning: Burglary

To see a burglary – luck is close
To see a burglary and to escape – changes for the better are on the horizon
To see a burglary and do nothing about it – you will finally find peace of mind
To see a burglary – your financial situation will improve
Breaking into someone’s house (being a burglar) – you will make a profit on an investment
Breaking into someone you know – someone needs your help
Burglary with a gun in your hand – your finances are safe
Breaking into a bank – you have opportunities to advance your career
Burglary at work – new opportunities will present themselves every day
Burglary of a car – your family will appreciate it
Burglary abroad – your family will be happy
Unsuccessful burglary – cherish your friends
Fleeing burglar – you will have more profits
Police catch burglar – you fight for justice
Helping to catch a burglar – always trying to get along
Catch a burglar (Burglar in jail) – you will overcome a great difficulty

Mystic Dreamer – Burglary

If you see a burglar in your dream, it is a sign of flirtation or romance

Meaning of the dream burglary

To dream that you have committed a burglary is a sign that you will dream of gaining wealth when you wake up.

If you dream that you have been robbed during a burglary, it is a signal from your subconscious that you need to take better care of your health.

If you catch a burglar and find that he hasn’t stolen anything, it is a sign that you will be in danger when you wake up

Burglar dream dictionary

Burglar – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Now a part of the psyche, denied up to now, high penetrates into the consciousness and must attract attention. They crowd in our soul peace, want to destroy the order and possession seize from that what is dear to us and expensive. If a burglar enters the stage of the dream, the dreaming experiences the injury of his privacy. The burglary in our house sometimes is even the impulsive thought which reflects on Abwege. Then the need for sexual adventures is expressed behind it because one suppresses the sexuality too strongly. Trigger of this access can be an external spring or, however, getting out of control internal fears and difficult feelings. Burglar stands also for excessive mistrust, while one sees acquisitiveness and deception in his sphere and inclines to search the guilt for conflicts always first with the other. A typical dream of the people who are afraid constantly – also absolutely for no reason – of material losses and negative surprises. Burglary stands often for a danger which one himself has not noted, but probably can still turn away. Partially feelings of guilt and shame appear in the burglary because of putative or actual failure which one edged out, – above all when one himself is caught in case of a burglary. However, with women the fear of the sexuality can be also connected with the dream of the burglar. Is she herself the burglar the dreamer should ask herself once openly and honestly what she wants to steal out in the life? A little adventure or a few hours of rest, dispersion maybe? She expresses the need with the dream to appropriate something secretly what is not apparently possible in open way.


At the spiritual level it concerns a forcible penetration of psychic or physical kind.




  • be: your enterprises will run successfully,
  • see one: you were careless and will thereby have a loss,
  • note in own house: one should take before a menacing danger which concerns or the next ones in eight,
  • a witness of a burglary be: a surprise, indeed, not of pleasant nature, approaches, – one should not go on the present way.

(European ones).:

  • sexual instinctual life bursts,
  • by ice: if stupefying news,
  • announces

  • (burglary): if a menacing misfortune tells in, also a disagreeable surprise,
  • see a burglar: one is used by a person whom one holds wrongfully for a friend,
  • see coming to the house: The good position in business and society is attacked, – however, with courage and determination one can defend himself successfully, – bad luck can happen to negligent people,
  • are attacked by the burglar: with dangerous enemies have to fight, – you will destroy this if you are not careful in your shops with strangers,
  • put a burglar: one will be promised probably in the next time and be recompensed,
  • hand over a burglar of the police: one will win a process or be recompensed for an ability,
  • see burglary: a disagreeable surprise approaches,
  • explain themselves one: one longs for wealth,
  • are robbed by one: pay attention to the health,
  • discover one with himself, but find out that nothing was stolen: Warning before a menacing danger,
  • in women’s dreams is the burglary sometimes a tip to a love affair.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Burglar

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