A dream about a boss is not always about your professional situation, but in most cases it is a warning or advice to keep growing. The dream may mean profits and financial success. It can be a prediction that you will be rewarded, but do not stop trying and working hard.

The meaning of the dream about the boss can be associated with new opportunities that will arise in your work, but it can also mean that you worry too much about work-related issues.


Dream Meaning about Boss

Being a boss

If you were a boss in your dream, your wealth will soon increase.

This dream is a manifestation of your desire to take a higher position at work, a position of leadership. At the same time, the meaning of the dream encourages you to think about the actions you take to achieve something.

To be your own boss

The dream reflects your desire to grow professionally. Plan your next actions well and focus more on achieving your goals.

To be promoted to boss

If someone is promoted to boss in your dream, or you are the person who is promoted to this position, the meaning of the dream is that you should continue to try and engage in activities and soon you will achieve what you so desire.

Losing the position of a boss (dismissal, demotion)

The dream is a sign of great happiness in the family. So concentrate on your family life and enjoy these moments to the fullest. You may also discover a new vocation or new layers of skills that you have not noticed before.

A boss from work

If you have dreamed of being your own boss, control your excessive ambition and you will surely get that coveted promotion.


If you saw your boss at work in your dream and were happy, it means you feel great about your job. If you were scared or anxious, the dream symbolizes a feeling of insecurity in the professional environment.

Another meaning of the dream is that you are taking work home with you and this is making you stressed and anxious. The dreamer advises you to relax more and enjoy the company of friends and family, leaving work at work.

Seeing the boss

The dreamer explains that the dream is a sign that you are too submissive to your boss. It is therefore important to take a closer look at your relationships and cooperation, and to consider whether you are being harassed by your boss, or whether you are misinterpreting some situations. Perhaps you should consider changing jobs.

The dream is also an encouragement to continue to work hard, to dedicate yourself to your job, your company and the tasks your boss gives you. The dream means that you are satisfied with your results and that you will soon reap the fruits of your efforts.

To be hired by the boss (to get a job)

The dream means that something positive will happen soon in various aspects of your life. Try not to be impulsive, take care of your finances and cultivate emotional balance.

If you don’t like your job, it is a sign that you need to review your professional life as soon as possible. If it is not conducive to your development, it is worth changing.

Talk to your boss

A dream in which you talk to your boss is a good sign for your professional life. It is an indication that your ideas will be noticed and accepted by your boss, which will give you a good position in the company.

A project you have been working on for a long time may now have a chance to be implemented, but you will have to take on more responsibility. Take advantage of this opportunity. The Dreamer advises you to do your best to live up to expectations and not to disappoint your boss.


Meeting, meeting with the boss (on the carpet in the boss’s house)

The dream means that you are a person who focuses on your work and takes a lot of responsibility for what you do, and people trust you.

If the subject of the meeting is the mistakes you make at work, the dream symbolizes the need to improve your performance. It is necessary to show what you are capable of.

Receiving a task (order) from the boss

You are likely to help someone with a very responsible task, and this makes you anxious.

The meaning of the dream can also refer to family situations, and the boss can represent your father.

Someone in your family or a friend may ask for your help to solve a serious and urgent problem. Help this person as much as you can. It may be taking care of a friend’s pet while they are away, or taking care of a sick relative. The dream indicates that people see you as a responsible person.

Praise from the boss

This dream indicates that you do not feel appreciated in your work. It is likely that you are doing your job well and have interesting ideas, but you are not getting the recognition you deserve. Think about this situation carefully so that it does not dominate your life and prevent you from developing. Try to talk to your superiors sensitively and express your dissatisfaction. Consider looking for new ways to earn money.

The boss criticizes your work

Dreaming of a boss who criticizes your work means that you don’t feel appreciated no matter how hard you try. The dreamer notes that it’s worth considering changing jobs, even if you’re afraid of change. Find something where you really feel appreciated.

Boss yelling

Dreaming of a boss yelling is a warning sign to avoid conflicts at work. The dreamer predicts that there will be moments of lack of control and you will have to deal with them in a calm and mature way. But if this situation is repeated, it may be time to change jobs.


The boss ignores you

A dream about your boss ignoring you indicates that you are trying to protect yourself from something that bothers you a lot. You even feel that people are distancing themselves from you. Try to think of the best way to solve the problem. It is also important not to be afraid to express your opinion, as this will prevent you from feeling insecure and frustrated, especially in a work environment.

Another meaning of this dream is that it is time to face problems and make important decisions, not only professionally but also personally.

Romance with the boss

This dream represents an unfulfilled love. It may be a feeling that you are experiencing or remembering.

Another meaning of the dream is that you desire a relationship with a person who has power or is a kind of leader.

Arguing with your boss

The dream indicates that your professional life will change for the better.

The meaning of the dream also suggests that you may have relationship problems with your boss. The dreamer recommends that you take care to respect issues of hierarchy and choose the right time and place to talk to both your colleagues and your own boss. The dream is a representation of the relationship between you. It can be a manifestation of your dissatisfaction and sadness about the situation. It is worth asking yourself if it is really worth continuing this cooperation.

The dream can also indicate that you have some difficulties at work. Solve them.

Reconcile with the boss

If you come to an agreement with your boss after an argument with him, the meaning of the dream symbolizes that you have enough strength to start something from scratch or even to regain what you have lost. The dream applies not only to the professional sphere, but to every aspect of your life.


It is likely that you have put a lot of effort into something and it has not been properly recognized or appreciated, for example, you are living in a toxic relationship that is about to end and it will be necessary to regain many things, such as self-esteem.
The dream also means that something you have recently lost is slowly being reborn in your life, and you are regaining your emotional balance. If mixed emotions are involved in your professional life, it means that good times are coming. Maybe you’ll get the promotion you’ve been longing for or find a new job. Take some time to accelerate your career.

Being afraid of your boss

A dream about being afraid of your boss is a warning that you are not doing what you want or need to do because you are afraid of what other people will think of you. The dreamer notes that you should not give in to the opinions of others, you will never be able to please everyone.

Worried boss

This dream indicates that your boss is not satisfied with your work. Therefore, think about what mistake you are making and how you can fix it. If such a situation continues, you may be fired. Try to be open about your work.

Happy (smiling) boss

This dream symbolizes that you are being recognized in your work environment. However, it is necessary to continue to focus on your goal in order to achieve positive results. Therefore, when your boss needs someone he can trust, he will turn to you – and it will be a well-deserved success.

Nice boss

The dream is a sign that you are on the right career path. Everything is going your way in your current job. It is also a sign that you are receiving more affection from friends and family. Try to maintain this state, take care of your relationships.

Bad boss

The dreamer warns you to avoid arguments with your boss. If he is in a bad mood, it is better not to engage in conversation. Stay calm. If you have a conflict at work, try to defuse it, as it may harm you later. This dream also warns you that if this situation is repeated, it may be time to look for a new job.

Crying boss

A dream about a crying boss is a warning that your professional life is not going well. There is a very high risk of crisis in the industry, so the company you work for may suffer losses, the consequences of which may affect every employee. This will be a difficult time in which you will need to demonstrate your ability to meet these challenges and balance your professional life. Believe in yourself and your potential, because like any crisis, this one will pass.

Drunken boss

A dream about a drunken boss is a warning that you or the company you work for may soon face financial problems. This is only a temporary phase, but if you do not make plans to deal with and save money beforehand, the problem could become more serious.


The boss fires you from your job

The dream is a sign that you are expressing very negative feelings that you have had for a long time. They refer to something bad that happened in your past and that you have suppressed until now. The dream is an archetype of old feelings and thoughts that have made you suffer and are coming back to you for some reason. It could be something from your early childhood, the rejection of a teenage love, or even being fired from a job you once loved. The dreamer advises: try to clear your mind and put it all behind you.

Boss in uniform (military, policeman)

This dream symbolizes that someone in your life is very authoritarian. The dreamer advises you to get away from him. As for your partner, use the dialog to emphasize the importance of individual freedom for each of you.

A boss of the opposite sex

Dreaming of a boss of the opposite sex is a warning to think about your emotions, because they can be a problem for you. Don’t get emotionally involved at work. Don’t get involved in office romances.

Boss friend

Dreaming that the boss is your friend is a sign that you have a sense of inferiority. You should work on your self-esteem, focus on your qualities and positive thinking.

New boss

According to the dreamer, you are starting a new cycle in your life. Great news or change is likely to come. Trust in fate and let yourself be carried away by the moment.

Unknown boss

The dream is a sign that your efforts will soon be appreciated. Therefore, it is important to continue your efforts and not give up. Be persistent and it will surely pay off for you.

Former boss

The dream can be a sign of dissatisfaction with your job. One reason is that you miss your old job, but you needed a new one for some reason. Think about whether you really feel appreciated in your new job. You may want to consider a change.

Several (many) bosses

The dreamer says that you think too much about work or spend too much time at work and forget about your social life. Meanwhile, someone misses you (for example, your partner). The dream is a sign that it’s time to relax more and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.


Dead (lifeless) boss

A dream about a dead boss is a reminder of the need to be more independent in the face of more complicated problems and issues. Maybe it’s a good time to start a new business, to be your own boss.

Dream Meaning: Boss

  • To be your own boss – to increase your wealth soon
  • To be your own boss – to focus more on achieving your goals
  • To be promoted to the position of boss – you will soon achieve what you want
  • Losing the position of a boss (dismissal, demotion) – focus on personal life
  • Boss from work – control excessive ambition
  • To see the boss – think about your relationship with your boss
  • To be hired by your boss (get a job) – take care of your finances and emotional balance
  • Talk to your boss – your ideas will be noticed
  • Meeting, meeting with the boss (on the boss’s carpet) – people trust you, show what you can do
  • Getting a task (order) from the boss – someone may ask you for help
  • Praise from the boss – you feel unappreciated in your work
  • Boss criticizes your work – you should consider changing jobs
  • Yelling from the boss – avoid conflicts at work
  • Boss ignores you – it’s time to face your problems
  • Romance with the boss – you want a relationship with a person who has power
  • Arguing with the boss – your professional life will change for the better
  • Reconciliation with the boss – you have enough strength to regain what you lost.
  • Afraid of the boss – you are not doing what you want to do
  • Worried boss – talk to someone about your work
  • Happy (smiling) boss – focus on your goal
  • Nice boss – you are on the right career path
  • Angry boss – you should avoid arguments with your boss
  • Crying boss – believe in yourself and your potential
  • Drunk boss – financial problems may arise
  • Boss fires you – put negative experiences behind you
  • Boss in uniform (military, police) – someone in your life is very authoritarian
  • Boss of the opposite sex – think about your feelings
  • Best friend – focus on your qualities
  • New boss – starting a new cycle in your life
  • Unknown boss – your efforts will soon be appreciated
  • Former boss – you miss your old job
  • Multiple (many) bosses – you think too much about work or spend too much time at work
  • Dead (lifeless) boss – become more independent

Mystic dream meaning – boss

This symbol can mean unfavorable changes in your professional life.

Meaning of the dream boss

If you see a boss in your dream, it means that something unpleasant is going to happen to you.

If you talk to the boss, it foretells an improvement in your income.

Arguing with the boss is a sign that your existence will become unstable.

If you dream of receiving a gift from your boss, it means that you will suffer some kind of loss.

If you are the boss in your dream, it foretells obstacles and difficulties for you in implementing your plans.


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