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A dream about a bruise very often means sad events in life. It is worth considering the symbolism of any part of the body that has been bruised.

Bruise : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Bruising in a dream is often a sign of forced decisions and actions that were taken against our will.


seeing a bruise – sleep is a sign of stress and increasing pressure that a loved one will begin to put on you

bruise someone or yourself – sad days will completely fill your future

touch the bruise – old wounds will be scratched again

have a bruise on your leg – you will have to come to terms with the consequences of your own actions

have a bruise on your hand – someone will not appreciate you for your hard work and in return will provide you with many worries and worries, think carefully – such a situation may take place, for example, at home or at work

keep under your eyes – the changes you plan to make in your life will cause you inner anxiety


hide bruises – a certain acquaintance will have a very sad end if you do not end it in time.

dream about Bruise
Dream about Bruise

What does it mean when you dream about Bruise?

If you dreamed of Bruising, expect health problems. Dream about bruises can herald not only diseases of the body but also diseases of the soul? fortunately temporary.

Online dream interpretation believes that bruises on his legs mean problems that you will have due to your own stupidity and stubbornness. These troubles can affect both business and family – depending on whether it hurts to touch them while you sleep. If you feel painful at the site of the bruise, chances are you’ll have some sort of family misunderstanding. On the other hand, painless hematomas indicate that you are approaching a difficult period at work.

And here’s how they decipher the Eastern Senna Head where big bruises appear on the legs. If you fall into your sleep and get a blue bruise, it means that one of your enemies is weaving a plot against you. Be careful, trust people you don’t know. Have you ever dreamed of a big bruise on your leg that happened for no reason? According to the dreamer, it is a sign of your own uncleanness. You can afford to spread rumors about other people, as well as lies and scams.


Some oracles, interpreting bruises on the legs, assure that this is a sign of what will soon become familiar to a person with whom you have been mentally saying goodbye for a long time and have not seen him since. The Sleeping Wanderer advises you, seeing a large bruise in a dream, remember whom he unjustly offended and asked this man for forgiveness. This will help you “break down barriers” in your pursuit of your goal. The change won’t take long.

The online dream book also talks about the need to resist provocations that encourage a quarrel or quarrel with someone. These actions will later have a negative impact on your reputation.

Bruise dream dictionary
Bruise – Dream Symbol Interpretation
  • One wants to cheat you.

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