Bachelor dream dictionary


Bachelor dream dictionary

Bachelor – Dream symbol interpretation

The bachelor in the dream is a tip that the dreaming must open for the freedom-loving male shares in himself to complete his destiny. To meet him, points to the fact that one searches freedom in his feelings or in his dear life. If a man dreams this, he wishes the freedom to reach something what he does not want to manage within the scope of a partnership so surely. Is valid at least for the time of the dream that one would feel in a single life more probably (and ‘more accordingly his present life images). What is valid, by the way, just for female dreams of the single life. They appear with both genders over and over again when a connection in which one lives is ’emotionally deadly’.


At the spiritual level a bachelor does not indicate in the dream presently to be ready for an emotional connection.




  • Your money is badly put on.

(European ones).:

  • to older ones see: you are dissatisfied, – loneliness, – loss of a friendship,
  • see having young: meant cheerfulness,
  • be: one should keep away from women, – If now one does not stand firm to a seduction, the bad results can have for the professional life.
  • this Eigennützigkeit means

  • Seeing a woman a bachelor, in the love. Injustice takes her run, politicians behave dishonourable.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Bachelor

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