Breakfast dream dictionary


Breakfast dream dictionary

Breakfast – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Just because the breakfast is the first meal of the day, a dream breakfast – or food of muesli or toast – can mark the beginning of a new plan or a segment in the life. Did one have time for the breakfast or was one in haste? Did one become – and from whom – for the breakfast invited? One can trust to him, with him a successful start, a pleasing fresh start would be possibly.



  • hold: avoid unnecessary issues.

(European ones).:

  • favourably for spiritual active,
  • with fresh milk, eggs and a full bowl of ripe fruit see: Signs for hasty incoming, nevertheless advantageous change,
  • only

  • eat: in the trap of the opponents grope about,
  • eat in society: good sign.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Breakfast

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