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The basement often evokes different associations: attraction and fear, protection – you can feel safe in it, or terror – darkness and mystery, you can find dark corners you never noticed before.

The basement is the basis of the house, a place where you can store food and wine, but also treasures, and family heirlooms.


Dreambook cellar

A dream about a basement is an expression of what lurks in the most hidden corners of your mind. The basement represents that place in your mind and heart where you put negative thoughts and unpleasant events.

If it is overflowing it means that it is time to empty it, but if it has disturbing features it means that you are afraid of your own desires and maybe even yourself.

Dream meaning of basement

Basement door

Entering the basement can represent personal unconsciousness. What can be found there has not yet been brought to light: mental states, hidden aspects of personality, energies yet to be integrated.

To go down to the basement

Dreambook translates the dream as a willingness to fight one’s weaknesses, fears, or addictions. If you feel anxious after all, the dream means that you are not ready to take on the challenge. However, taking the first step toward facing a problem is already the beginning of action toward improvement.

To enter the basement (to be in the basement)

The basement represents the deepest layers of the psyche along with genetic heritage, family heritage, ancestors, life energy, and primal instincts. The meaning of the dream depends on your feelings and circumstances. Are you afraid or, on the contrary, curious to search for treasures and explore mysterious corners?

Dreambook explains that if you have positive emotions during the dream, you feel protected, and then you probably want to explore new experiences, and knowledge, and make contact with relatives you may have neglected recently. If you feel scared, you are probably experiencing some problems from which you see no way out. Perhaps you are afraid of someone, such as a family member, or their reaction to an event.


A dream in which you are in the basement symbolizes your subconscious and intuition, primal desires, and basic needs.

To come out of the basement

The dream foreshadows an improvement. It can relate to various aspects of your life, such as improving your housing situation or mental well-being and getting rid of fears or issues from the past.

Clean basement

A dream about a clean and tidy basement means that you feel secure. You are at a stage of stability and confidence. Fate favors you.

Dirty basement (mess in the basement).

According to Dreambook, a dream about a dirty basement means that you need to clean up your thoughts.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are aware of a mess in your head and perhaps in your home that you need to clean up. A messy basement can also symbolize the faults and failures you attribute to yourself.

Terrifying basement (scary basement)

A dream about a scary (terrifying) basement means that you are afraid of some aspect of yourself. Listen to yourself and think about what is wrong and what you can do about it. Ask for help if you can’t handle the problem yourself.

Summary of a dream about a basement

  • Door to the basement – you do not know what lurks inside you
  • To go down to the basement – you want to fight your weaknesses, fears, addictions
  • To enter the basement (be in the basement) – you want to discover new experiences
  • To come out of the basement – your situation will improve
  • Clean basement – you are at the stage of stabilization
  • Dirty basement (mess in the basement) – you need to put your thoughts and emotions in order
  • Terrifying basement (scary basement) – listen to yourself and think about what is bothering you

Dream about a basement

A basement is a useful place, used for us to store all sorts of items, usually items that we don’t need at the moment, but still will someday for sure.

However, in our dreams the basement usually appears as a dark place, filling us with apprehension or even terror stemming from the belief that something lurks there that can threaten us.


Interpreting dreams about a basement

Rooms located in different types of buildings that appear in our dreams are metaphors for different sides of our personalities. The basement is the foundation of any building in which it appears, and also stores items that are not used for the moment, so we can easily guess that in a dream the basement is a symbol of the hidden sides of our subconscious that we do not have access to daily.

We push there any desires or dreams or urges that we don’t want to think about and don’t allow them to enter our consciousness. In addition, this is the place where our experiences and memories reside, which for some reason, whether for lack of time or because we are not yet ready for them, we have not processed.

Interpreting dreams about the basement according to Freud

Freud equated rooms located in buildings with women, while he considered the passages between them a metaphor for sexual intercourse. The basement, in turn, according to his studies, can be considered a metaphor for the unconscious parts of the dreamer’s mind.

Interpreting dreams about the basement according to Jung

Jung considered the basement to be a metaphor for the unconscious mind and argued that if the motif of fear of going into its depths appears in a dream, it is a sign that the person dreaming in waking life does not want to delve into the depths of his unconscious mind, which would allow him to explore the nooks and crannies of his own personality.

Mystic Dreambook – basement

  • An empty basement appearing in your dream is a harbinger of a pending illness.
  • A dark basement signals that in waking life you are not fully convinced of the rightness of some of your decisions.
  • A filled basement heralds a life of abundance for you.
  • A wine basement is a sign that you will be profiting from a source that is not entirely legitimate.
  • When you dream that you keep vegetables in the basement it means that you will soon become a fully grown man.
  • Going down to the basement foretells good luck for you.
  • When you dream that you are in the basement, it means that you will soon find yourself in some unpleasant situation for you.
  • If in a dream you cannot leave the basement, it foreshadows an illness awaiting you.
  • When in your dream you hid in the basement, it means that you feel great shame because of the humiliation you recently suffered, but you should do something to get your face back instead of constantly reliving your embarrassment.
  • When you dream that you are taking preserves out of the basement, it is a sign that you need to be active now, because if you continue to indulge in laziness, many important opportunities will pass you by.

Basement dream dictionary

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