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Brass – Dream Symbol Interpretation

In general. Brass admonishes not to let deceive in a concrete life situation from the external light.


Like most metals brass (or an object is also valid from it) as a symbol for success and prosperity – or the wish for it. In the traditional interpretation: wrong friends (brass for gold).

Dream interpretation and meaning : Brass



  • Interpreting on envy and envy, – also: your finances make amends.

(European ones).:

  • promises shoot up professional rise, however, in spite of an apparently respectable position one fears in petto to be left by the luck, – also: an eye on the acquaintances hold, so that one is not made unhappy by a wrong friend,
  • brass things: if promise Zwistigkeiten – more shiningly, the more sharply the quarrel, – which deceives light
  • melt: meant profit.


  • see: you will get with your woman in quarrel.

Brass - dream interpretation and meaning
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