Brain dream dictionary


Brain dream dictionary

Brain – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Intellect, – mind, – mind. Question: – What is I to be understood ready?

In general:

  • brain symbolises the spiritual abilities of the dreamer, – it can request to more consideration, but warn also about too much ‘top-heaviness’ by Überbetonung of the mind to loads of mental forces (for example, feelings).
  • Trading the dream of a conservative brain, then the dreaming must look after his spiritual matters. In this case possibly he makes too high demands for himself.


Because the learning is anchored above all in the brain, the dreaming is asked by the dream symbol to look at his convictions and at ideals in the light of his experiences thoroughly.



At this level the brain in the dream symbolises the switch centre of spiritual power.



  • see: the situation is confused very much and to solve only with big cleverness,
  • (from animals) eat: meant luck in all decisions and enterprises.

(European ones).:

  • see or eat: announced luck with all enterprises, – inheritance,
  • see the own: are annoyed by a meddlesome companion and are degraded,
  • brains of animals: one will suffer from mental disturbance,
  • brains of animals eat: the knowledge increases and one will profit from it.


  • see or eat: you will start an inheritance,
  • Dreaming one, he eats the brain from the head of a known person, he will be heir to him and take over his whole property and money, – however, the person concerned is unknown, he will attain without trouble from big Mr. Reichtum and money in fullness.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Brain

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