Bag dream dictionary


Bag dream dictionary

Bag – Dream symbol interpretation

Key words: Container, – spirituality, – medicine, – gift. Description: A bag is a small container which is ordinarily made out of material or leather and is carried around the neck or in the belt. Often it contains strength or practical the objects which a person would like to have daily with himself. General meaning: A gift of the understanding or the spirituality which comes to you. With a dream of a bag tries to ascertain his contents to understand what is exactly the gift. Association: Känguruh. Transcendent meaning: A gift of the strength.


Bag can be connected as prey with possession striving which is coined maybe too strongly. An empty bag can point to the emptiness in our relations, bulging more full on much too big self-centredness towards that who stands next to us.




  • more blank: Food worries,
  • more full: do not spend so much money, it could degenerate usually easily into waste,
  • hold: You are hidden and increases your property. This brings luck and love without envious people.
  • drop: Your inattentiveness has bad results, loss of the property, loss of the love and friends.
  • open: Festivities and societies stand before the Türe. Take in eight and watch who is your friend.

(European ones).:

  • with money see: you are disturbed in a pleasure, – also: Win in the lottery,
  • one without money: tells a capital loss in,
  • more fully in general: promises profits,
  • find one on the street: unexpected luck or unexpected profit,
  • with stones find: Win in the lottery,
  • a full one find general: Traffic with bad people,
  • emptier in general: in spite of all trouble one will reach not to the aim, but pocket maybe still losses,
  • find an empty one: vain work,
  • receive one with money as a present: pleasant surprise.


  • with money more full: do not let your peace by bad thoughts rob,
  • more blank: your trouble seems to be in vain,
  • with stones: Profit approaches you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Bag

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