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Dreaming about a boyfriend can have different meanings depending on the context and your current life situation. It can be the result of your needs, longings, and experiences.

A dream about a boy or a man symbolizes attractiveness, masculinity, strength, peace, and physical integrity. Often, such dreams are associated with loved ones we like and are related to everyday experiences in our lives.


Dream meaning boy

Look at the boy, see the boy

This dream means that you put aside things you liked and lose your innocence.

Meanwhile, a dream suggests that it is worth keeping something of a childish charm and carefree. Don’t give up on yourself just because you are already an adult.

Unknown boy

Perhaps you will soon find a solution to a problem that has been difficult to solve until now. The dream says that it needs to be dealt with differently. It is imperative to be open to every chance because only this way will it be possible to close this chapter of life.

The crying boy

The dream interpretation indicates that you are a person who needs a lot of attention, and now you may be upset because you think that your family and friends do not care for you as they should. If so, try to talk to them and share what you expect from them. Dream can also warn to be a more independent person and worry less about what other people are thinking.

Bruised boy

Such a dream indicates that you are exhausted and overwhelmed with everyday matters. Your body is asking for a break. It would help if you had time for yourself. Try to rest as best you can. You will need a few days off. Even if it is short, a journey can help a lot in recharging your battery.

Lost boy

Dreaming of a lost boy means feeling a bit lost in life. You don’t know which way to go. Usually, we sometimes get it wrong.


Remember that it is never too late to start something new or resume something abandoned long ago. It all depends on your courage to take up challenges and how much you want to find a new path in life.

baby boy playing dream

Boy playing

If you are a boy who is playing and having fun in a dream, it may mean that you are not paying enough attention or taking something seriously. Whether it’s something to do with your love or work life, you need to be more serious.

If you see a boy playing, it may indicate a feeling of nostalgia, a longing for something that you have lived in the past and that you no more extended experience, but feel that something is missing in your life. It’s essential to understand what’s going on.

Conversation with a boyfriend

Dream admonishes you not to lose hope or get carried away. Search for solutions to your problems, also use good advice from other people.

Dream can also encourage you to establish new relationships. It gives you the courage to approach people you find interesting. Talking to a boy in a dream can also mean a surprise.

Dancing with a boyfriend

Dream usually means that this person has feelings for you and wants to go the same way. Dream can also mean good friendship. You can have a great time together.

A boy you like

This dream can be understood as experiencing unrequited feelings or hiding love. It can also signal jealousy if another girl appears with the boyfriend.

Seeing a boy or a man who arouses your affection in a dream is also a signal of upcoming changes.

boy you like

A boy who hugs

Dream means happiness or an influx of feelings. It can also mean an upcoming love or a great friendship. The person you meet will be very close to you, tender, and you will be able to rely on them. You will feel confident and safe in her presence.

The boy who cheats

A dream may mean that you don’t accept yourself. You have low self-esteem. Another meaning of dream reveals your fears and anxieties about the durability of your relationship.

You become suspicious of your partner. Better to talk to him about your doubts right away.

A boy with another girl

Dream is about your relationship in a relationship. Dream can also be a sign of competition in various spheres of life.

Boy – dream dictionary

  • To look at the boy – don’t give up on yourself
  • Unknown boy – You will soon find a solution to a problem that was difficult to solve
  • Crying boy – be independent
  • Bruised boy – you will need a few days off
  • Lost boyfriend – it’s never too late to start something new
  • Playing boy – you don’t take a case seriously
  • Conversation with a boyfriend – do not get carried away
  • Dancing with boyfriend – a new friendship or love awaits you
  • The boy you like – changes are coming
  • A boy who hugs – you will feel happy
  • The boy who cheats – you don’t accept yourself
  • A boyfriend with another girl – improve relationships in your relationship

What Dream About Boy Means

Association: – developing yang strength. Question: – Where does a strength potential grow up for me?


Boy often symbolises the male-intellectual side of the personality, before all mind and will, – then he mostly asks to take in hand the life more deliberately and more actively independently and to form.

If one is in the dream a boy, this points out the dreaming also to the fact that he has not still arisen long. Hence, his abilities are not completely developed yet and he lacks any maturity.


  • one or several boys in the dream are a good omen: A trouble-free close future is to be expected. It is a matter of harvesting the fruits of the work and of enjoying the life. However, one may not commit the mistake to think too early in the aim.
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