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The bull is an animal that represents physical strength, vigor, uncontrolled impulses, and sexual passion.

Since ancient times, the bull has been associated with sexuality and fertility. This animal appears in dreams when your subconscious wants to warn you of some hidden passion, frustration that you need to solve, or the need to take control of your impulses and your behavior towards others at home and at work.


Dream meaning Bull

You see the bull

Interpretation of a dream in which you saw Bull : if you see a bull in a dream – depending on the circumstances and events around you – you can see how you are coping with your goals. The meaning of the bull dream can also symbolize how you will do in business. The dream announces the beginning of the road to success.

A dream about a bull can also mean a misunderstanding in a loving relationship.

bull dream symbol

Surrounded by bulls

If bulls surround you with no hostile attitude in a dream, this may be a sign that you will receive a marriage proposal. A dream can also symbolize your thoughts about the relationship the need to get more involved.

Watched by the bull

Such a dream warns you about problems at work or economic difficulties. Prepare to fight them, now avoid risky financial decisions and ill-considered, unplanned purchases.

You are talking to the bull

Listen to what you are talking to the bull about. You probably feel that you lack security and determination. You don’t feel strong enough to decide or take back the reins of your life.

Furthermore, you are a bull

You have a sense of strength and control over your life, and you feel good and safe. Furthermore, you are confident. Furthermore, you have reached your desired point of emotional, physical, and mental strength.


A gentle bull

The dream of a gentle bull means that you can quickly solve your problems if you look for a calm way out of the situation. You will know best what is most beneficial for you.

bull dream dictionary

Raging bull

Dream means having issues with friends. Probably your relationship will sever.

The dream interpretation suggests that such a dream bodes well for relationships. There will be consent, passion, and strong affection among you.

Horned bull (bull’s horn)

The dream interpretation informs that the dream about the bull’s horn speaks of betrayals and frauds in your professional environment. Be vigilant and act wisely. Don’t get caught up in rumors and arrangements.

If you grab the bull by the horns while you are asleep, you have to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Bull attack

A dream of a bull attack warns you that some uncomfortable news may arise in your life. The bad news has to do with your relationship with friends. An attacking bull can signal that false friends surround you.

Bull’s blood

It’s a thirst for power and money. When you are immersed in the blood of the bull, it reflects your desire to be successful at work and gain a leadership role both at work and in your relationship.

Chasing me

Chasing the bull : gf you have your own business, you should be careful when entering new contracts or starting new projects. Competition is vigilant.


Another meaning of dream is that you may receive an unexpected gift.

If you are not in a relationship, a dream can mean sexual abstinence.

Runaway from the bull

You are a person with a high level of discipline and self-control. You are a person fully committed to your work, and you enjoy the tasks entrusted to you. Your daily actions satisfy you.

A bull in a maze

The dream reflects a moment of confusion and doubts. You do not know how to get out of the situation where you find yourself. Maybe you don’t see the meaning of your life. You’ve lost your motivation and enthusiasm. It would help if you had some rest or perhaps someone from outside.

You have to face adversity. Don’t avoid the problems.

Skinny bull

A thin bull, sick and depressed, signals a tumultuous period full of complications. Pay more attention to your money to prevent failure.

If you are doing well financially, be careful in spending, unforeseen events can strain your budget.

Fat bull

If you dreamed of fat and healthy bull, you are going through a good phase in your life. You will soon enter the prosperity and abundance phase. It is a sign that you are achieving stability and security.



Such a dream can be a nightmare. You should wake up as soon as possible and reflect on what you are doing while awake against yourself and your values. Doing so can only cause pain, severity, and negative feelings.

bulls in dream

The bull and the cow

If a bull and a cow appeared in a dream, it is a sign that you need to look at ways to deal with decisions. Decisions have to be made with determination for people to feel your resolve.

Taurus represents strength and masculinity. Such a dream also symbolizes submission, but also rationality. So dream can also signal a had to pay attention to matters of the heart.

A white bull

Dream of a white bull means prosperity. You can count on an inflow of cash and an improvement in your financial situation. You are at the best moment in your life to achieve your goals and improve your well-being.

We often understand abundance and prosperity as money, but mine can also be spiritual. Inner wealth leads to understanding what it is like to be happy.

Black bull

Dream has several meanings depending on the emotions you are feeling. If you feel fear or anguish, it means that you are afraid of the strength of this bull. It means that you feel vulnerable and think that someone may harm you. If your emotions are positive, you are ready to initiate a significant transformation that will change your life.

The dream of a black bull also means that you should be careful when dealing with people you have had some disagreement with in the past.

Brown bull

The dream of a brown bull means that your plans will come true. This is an excellent time to bring your ideas to life and try something new!


Dreams About Bulls – Meaning And Interpretation

  • You see the bull – the beginning of the road to success
  • Surrounded by bulls – get involved in your relationship
  • Bull watched – problems may arise at work
  • You talk to the bull – you lack security and determination
  • You are a bull – you have a sense of strength and control over your life
  • Gentle bull – you can quickly solve your problems
  • Raging bull – there will be problems with friends
  • Horned bull (bull’s horn) – be careful with what is happening at work
  • Bullfighting – don’t act against yourself
  • Bull attack – you are surrounded by false friends
  • Bull’s blood – you want power and money
  • Chasing the bull – you can get a gift
  • Taurus in the maze – you have to face adversities
  • Skinny bull – pay attention to your finances
  • Fat bull – you achieve stability and security
  • Taurus and cow – pay attention to matters of the heart
  • White bull – you can count on an inflow of cash and an improvement in your material situation
  • Black bull – something in your life will change
  • Brown bull – Your plans will come true

Others meaning bull dream

Belligerence and strength of the bull are often associated with masculinity. Consequently dreams of bulls can express the wish for the discovery of the male sides – or her avoidance. Jung believed that the bull shows the true nature of a person and the at the same time animal instincts behind many layers of the consciousness are hidden. Dreams of bulls often concentrate to bridle the animal. This can express how well one can integrate the ‘animal’ sides of the personality. Other interpretations are:

Bull dream dictionary
Bull – Dream Symbol Interpretation
  • a bull can show an important person in the life.
  • an attacking bull in a dream can be a warning that somebody at whom one looks as a friend maybe talks behind the back badly about one.
  • The picture of a bull in the porcelain shop indicates the need to be with the choice of his life honestly to itself.
  • a bullfight can predict the need to solve an irritating problem quickly.
  • Two fighting bulls can reveal open or hidden disharmony among brothers and sisters. One thinks about his position in the fight and whether one could influence the exit.
  • a bull’s victim means a former or future victory.

Arabic, islam

  • (bull): is careful, – sign of an enemy or rival in the love or in the commercial life,
  • are pushed by him: happy love,
  • shop: Quarrel,
  • slaughter: you will find out grief,
  • beat to death: you escape a great danger.
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