A dream about a boar can mean courage and strength but also danger. A boar is an animal with a high temperament that can be aggressive. Dreams with boars often tell us about our most primal instincts.

When you dream about a boar, the dream indicates your inner strength and instinct to survive no matter what happens to you. This dream says that you are a person of solid character.


Dream meaning wild boar

You are a wild boar

The dream means that you have tough skin, building a wall between yourself and others, which prevents people from knowing your true feelings.

You don’t want to feel rejected or hurt, but there are better protections against your emotions. The dream can also mean your flexibility and ability to adapt to different circumstances.

If you dream of a wild boar when you feel sad, it is a warning that you are approaching the limit of mental exhaustion; you should ask for help and not hole up alone at home.

Seeing a wild boar

Be more careful. Dreaming that you see a wild boar means that you need to watch out for false friends. The dream warns of a possible break in friendship caused by unexpected betrayal and strong emotions.

Another meaning of the dream is that you have the strength to overcome any obstacle to achieving your goals.

This dream usually occurs when you are going through periods where pressure and responsibilities build up. The dreambook advises you not to lose spirit but to make every effort to move forward.


The dream suggests that you take more care of your diet and not overeat.

Big boar

A dream about a big boar symbolizes that a story or incident you want to keep secret will soon be revealed.

If you don’t want to be punished for the consequences of such an attitude, reveal the secret before others start spreading it. This is the only way to minimize the destructive emotions and resentment that may arise.

Black boar

The dreambook explains the dream about a black boar as a warning. You are operating under a lot of pressure. If you feel threatened, try to finish the work as soon as possible or get out of a difficult situation.

Boar in the forest

The dream foretells a favorable change in your life. There will now be a period of peace and stability, family harmony. The dreambook also suggests that someone is watching over you.

Wild boar with cubs

The dream shows that you are concerned not only about your own interests but also about the whole family’s welfare; you want to protect your children and loved ones. However, try to make only some people happy by force. Let everyone have their own opinion.

The dream also suggests that you would like to return to a time when you felt safe. What is it that makes you so anxious?

Running wild boar

Dreaming about a running boar reveals problems and sudden twists on the road to success. If there is more than one animal in your dream, you must be careful when deciding and choosing your next steps. Make sure you always have good company and rely on people sparingly.


Drowning boar

You feel unappreciated at work or at home. A frank conversation should improve your situation.

Another dream meaning suggests that some situation is beyond you; seek help, and do not give up.

Boar bites

The meaning of the dream about a biting boar is related to your emotions. You are someone who runs away from various situations, avoiding the feelings and suffering they may cause. This attitude does not bode well for your relationships or health.

A wild boar is watching you.

The dream means that you will have a problem that you will have to deal with with the utmost care and delicacy. Resolve the matter sensitively, without emotional outbursts and anger. Be patient and think carefully about your actions. Patience will be much needed for you.

Attacking boar

If you dream of an aggressive boar, you are prone to violent and aggressive behavior. It would help if you were more tolerant of others and learned to listen and control your emotions.

The dreambook says you need to be wary of a potential enemy who might want to take away everything you have managed to gain with much effort and sacrifice. You may also feel that your problems overwhelm you and you cannot cope.

A wild boar attack in a dream can also foreshadow family troubles.

You are running away from a wild boar

If you don’t see a wild boar in your dream, but you are sure that it is chasing you, it means that you realize that you have done something wrong to someone, but you don’t want to admit it in public the guilt is haunting you.


Suppose you dream that a wild boar attacked someone in your family or your friend. In that case, the dream may mean that you have a person in your environment who tends to unintentionally hurt others with his words and actions.

You attack a wild boar

Dreaming about attacking a boar symbolizes your boldness and courage to face life’s problems. You are not a person who runs away from a fight and is afraid of conflict; you tend to act boldly without thinking and evaluating the consequences. The dreambook advises more thoughtful actions.

You are hunting a wild boar

Hunting a boar in a dream signifies a sense of superiority over others. It is associated with courage and self-confidence. The dream shows you are beginning to learn how to face fears and tribulations.
Hunting or killing a boar is also a harbinger of the end of a relationship and disappointment in love.

You captured a wild boar

The dream heralds victory over your rivals. You may get a promotion or succeed in winning the favor of a woman valued or adored by many. You will overcome competition to reach for what you desire.

Dead Boar

The dream shows you as a courageous, honorable person, always ready to fight for your own. Remember, however, that the end does not always justify the means. You can cope with problems that arise, but these problems can be hazardous.

Boar meat

A dream in which you eat boar meat means that you are a born leader and your duty is to help other people. You have the power to survive in different conditions and circumstances. Show these qualities to others.

Boar in a zoo

The dream about boars in the zoo says that you are trying at all costs not to lose control of the situations that life suggests to you. Consider whether this attitude positively affects you and your loved ones. Only some things can be controlled.

Playing with a wild boar

The dream suggests that you like to play with danger. It would help if you were careful. Do not underestimate the dangers, because this can result in tragedy for your personal and other people.


Dream meaning of wild boar

  • You are a wild boar – you build a wall between yourself and others, which prevents you from knowing your true feelings.
  • You see a wild boar – you have the strength to overcome any obstacle
  • A giant boar – your secret will soon come to light
  • Black boar – get out of a difficult situation as soon as possible
  • Boar in the forest – someone is watching over you
  • Boar with cubs – you care for others, protect loved ones
  • Running wild boar – be careful when making decisions
  • Drowning wild boar – you feel unappreciated, and some situation is beyond you
  • Boar bites – you are running away from feelings and emotions
  • Boar watches you – solve the problem gently, sensitively
  • Attacking boar – be tolerant, and control your emotions.
  • You are running away from the boar – you have feelings of guilt
  • You attack the boar – you dare to face life’s problems
  • You hunt a boar – you have a sense of superiority over others
  • You captured a wild boar – you will win over your rivals
  • Dead wild boar – the end does not always justify the means
  • Meat from a wild boar – you are a born leader
  • Wild boar in the zoo – you try to maintain control of everything at all costs.
  • Playing with a wild boar – you like to play with danger.

Mystic dreambook – the meaning of the dream boar

If you dream that you see a wild boar, it is a sign that someone will squander, most likely in a fully conscious way, something that you have worked for with effort for a long time.
Riding a wild boar means that you will succeed in carrying out most of your plans, and you will owe this to your indefatigable energy.
On the other hand, when you dream that you are attacked by a wild boar, it signals that something is about to happen that will make you stop trusting someone close to you.

Boar dream dictionary

Boar – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Word associations are means of many dreams to draw the attention of the dreaming to the dream contents. Because many people with boars do not have contact, ‘boar’ means in the dream ordinarily ‘about’ – in terms of surfeit. Therefore, in connection with parties and holidays the boar can show sensory desire and gluttony. The animal is also a symbol for the animal-male strength and can symbolise impetuous sexual needs which one may not suppress, however, too strongly because one loses usually easily the control of it. If one catches or shoots a boar, should warn on the one hand, however, about envious people.


At the spiritual level the boar stands in the dream for abundance and vitality. In connection with the mythology and with fairy tale the boar can also explain Bad.


The boar indicates Landing or sea voyage ends a dangerous storm, going to court a mighty, thoughtless and violent opponent who often leads a crude language, farmers infertility because the animal lays waste the plantations, and a marrying it joins a woman to who owns neither heart goodness nor decency. However, it is not at all surprising that the boar also calls a woman. If the remark may seem also tasteless, I want to bring forward them, nevertheless to prove with it my often made experience. Boar is called the animal and means quite comprehensibly a women’s room, – then so cool women are called, and Menandros says: ‘You most cool like a boar, misfortune woman!’



  • in general a symbol for difficulties in the occupation on those one must calculate and raise a lot of patience to achieve his aims, – also: one should watch out for hostility from the next surroundings,
  • see in the wood: an obstinate person will bother you,
  • meet in the wood: the trust to a dear person will be shaken,
  • are threatened by him: one will be threatened by an opponent without consideration,
  • to the attack see coming up to himself: stubborn pursuit of enemies,
  • see running: you have escaped from a danger,
  • shoot: you have to pass a dangerous adventure,
  • catch: Joy and favour.

(European ones).:

    • means (like bull) sexual plans and sexual hopes,
    • see: one is frightened by enemies and opponents and is threatened, bad-disposed neighbours try to do to us harm,
    • meet one: a certain incident will undermine the trust to a person and be disappointing,
    • hunt a wild one: fruitless efforts,
    • are hunted by one: Separation,
    • catch or shoot: meant luck,
    • are attacked by a boar: if a forthcoming danger,


  • boar’s teeth: stand for luck and profit.


  • see in the wood: Care, one has the intention to bring you in court,
  • shoot: you will come to a society which you do not like,
  • catch: Envious people are near you.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Boar

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