Blossoms dream dictionary


Blossoms dream dictionary

Blossoms – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Blossom symbolises like the flower becoming and offence in the life, the development of the personality, the feeling world or the inhibited self-realisation. Besides, the respect of the dreaming with certain blossoms also plays a role. A fresh blossom registers that the dreaming on the best one is away, that to realise what is his predetermination. He is on the right way. However, an especially splendid, garish-coloured blossom can also warn about excessive selfrepresentation and vanity. If she is wilted, however or snapped, then he feels insecurity about his plans and fears her failing. Other meanings also arise from the connection with the symbol of the flower.


(European ones).:

  • trees and shrubs, promise to you a time of the pleasant prosperity.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Blossoms

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