Birch dream dictionary


Birch dream dictionary

Birch – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Key words: Communication, – cleaning, – extensively, – bark, – the air cleaning, – moon of the ground electrode innovation. Description: The birch, the plant totem in the moon of the renewal (from the 22nd of December to the 22nd of January) to Born, was used by earth-related people for the purpose of the communication. They made scrolls out of her bark. Also different healing powers are inherent in the birch, she supports in particular the digestive system. Salizylsäure, a precursor of the aspirin, can be won from deep-succumbing bark layers. Birch switches were used by Indians to animate the skin, – some people use birch rods as means of the punishment. General meaning: Power of the communication either by means of language or by means of writing, – understanding of digestive discomfort, in the real or transferred sense, – cleaning, either internally or in the respect with other people. Trick meaning: Birch beer, a sweet and unique drink, – birch brushwood in the sauna. Transcendent meaning: The understanding of old traditions, – a gift of old wisdom.


The birch was valid in the Middle Ages as a magic protection against witches and bad minds what still the custom proves in Catholic areas to decorate houses and stables with birch green in Corpus Christi or also in Pentecost, so that this stays outside Nastily. With religious people this custom reflects the fear of the unconscious that they could be delivered defenselessly to bad powers. The birch symbolises above all female qualities and tender, smooth youthfulness, as well as practical mind and experience of life. Birch shrubs against it stand for spiritually contradictory, unstable people before whom one should take in eight. If one saw them – maybe because of her high, straight trunk – it is the symbol for sincerity, virtuousness and frank love. Then often the symbol of the life awaking in the spring, – can stand they for a little bit romantic longing for the easy, natural life or embody growing new hopes. If one climbs in the trunk of a birch certainly upwards, one can also rise in the life higher. Birches mostly announce good who will also enter absolutely unexpectedly and one must follow even other symbols in the dream and the real life situation with.




  • refines green ones see: unexpected pleasure,
  • birch tree: Engagement and wedding are indicated,
  • wilted: foreign help need,
  • climb: you will experience pleasant,
  • birch trunk: secret love waits for you,
  • broken down or broken: Sufferings and grief,
  • birch juice: your strength and health grows, – a lot of luck.

(European ones).:

  • tells a celebration in and is a good sign also for ill,
  • see: if brings luck and good,
  • climb one: unexpected luck.


  • you should not act rash, thinks what you do,
  • greens: one should not give up hope, at the last minute there comes over and over again the luck,
  • big ones: Raise the eyes at the sky if you have heavy hours, and you will see that everything becomes good again.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Birch

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