Binoculars dream dictionary


Binoculars dream dictionary

Binoculars – Dream Symbol Interpretation

It is worth as a symbol for lacking patience – one would like to be able to look at everything so quickly as possible from the next nearness. And one does not want to wait, to himself somebody or something in own tempo annährt – one ‘fetches it to himself’: Zoom! A telescope can point out to the fact that the dreaming must think about the things with a short-term as well as with a long-term perspective. If the dreaming considers no long-term perspective, at short notice he cannot be maybe successful. A telescope, binoculars (field glasses) in the dream also means that the dreaming is able in a few points to look ahead far back in the future or it wishes that he has, nevertheless, difficulties to retain integrity the big overview. Behind it fears and excessive need for security can stand. However, maybe the symbol also warns against attaching too much meaning to certain things, against blowing out them needlessly.


At the spiritual level a telescope can symbolise the art of the clairvoyance.




  • see: you are curious and expect news,
  • hindurchblicken: your wishes will not be fulfilled.

(European ones).:

  • you looks in a nice future,
  • see or use: if a rich and contented future, – also promises: disagreeable friendship will load to one,
  • to spy use: with future enterprises go forward unprincipled,
  • see a damaged one: if insecurity brings in material regard.


  • you will find out the secrets of the members.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Binoculars

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