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Beef – Dream Symbol Interpretation

  • see: Annoyance and frustration at the home,
  • eat the cooked or roasted: it approach you pleasures.

(European ones).:

  • eat the roasted: Peace and health, – one will live comfortably without being rich, besides,
  • enjoy in pleasant atmosphere: if mean harmonious love relationships and business relations,
  • see the cooked or eat: it approach a soul torture, – in awful kind somebody will lose his life,
  • richly have to eat without being able to consume it: one will have to ask other for help,
  • see raw and bloody: the dreamer will strike from evil cancerus ulcers, – one watches out for bruises and injuries of all kind.


  • eat: you will receive a reward, – you must be sparing,
  • cook: you will be angry at something.

Beef - dream interpretation and meaning
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