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Bedclothes – Dream Symbol Interpretation

 Bedclothes can often ask to clear a matter, so that one finds more rest and satisfaction again, Рthis is valid particularly when the bedclothes are stained or are washed in the dream. To recognise which concrete circumstances are meant with it, other symbols must be often interpreted in the dream, provided that the examination does not arise from the reality. Old dream books understand the dirty bedclothes also as a tip to feeling of inferiority, Рthis must not always apply, but one should investigate himself also in this regard himself.


(European ones).:

  • wash: one should fix his matters fast,
  • sleep in brilliantly white or richly more decorated: Improvement of the material situation,
  • sleep in more dirtily: one suffers from feeling of inferiority.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Bedclothes

Bedclothes - dream interpretation and meaning
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