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A dream about a bed

A dream about a bed is a sign that your life is happy and that you are healthy.

The dream often expresses your readiness to be with someone you love and for financial stability.


Dreambook of a bed

To see a bed

A bed seen in a dream signifies your desire to find a loved one or to gain a sense of security at work. Dreambook reports that these desires will be fulfilled.

To lie or sit on your bed

The dream means that you should pay more attention to your health. Do not underestimate the body’s signals. Maybe it is worth doing a check-up? Sleep is also a sign of a clear conscience.

Comfortable bed

A dream about a comfortable bed says that your problems will soon be solved. It also signifies a sense of security. Another dream meaning can be read as a prediction of happiness in a relationship.

Uncomfortable bed

Maybe you feel under pressure, anxious or stressed because of the problems you are experiencing?

The dream represents a mental nuisance that could be a serious problem for your health. Look for someone to talk to to find a way out of your problems.

Bed without a mattress

A dream about a bed without a mattress symbolizes a lack of comfort, lack of space, and someone to share problems with. Go out to people, and look for new acquaintances.


If you have problems that you can’t cope with, don’t shut yourself away. If you need the support of a specialist, do not hesitate to ask for it.

Bed with white sheets

Dreambook gives several meanings of this dream. The dream can foreshadow a new relationship or marriage. It can also signal the need for purity, and innocence. Another meaning of the dream suggests a happy life.

Bed with a canopy

The dream signifies the desire to gain knowledge, reach for more, the growth of spiritual and moral values. It can also mean that you are protected by others. Appreciate the people who stand behind you.

A made-up bed

A tidy bed is a sign that there will be peace and joy in your home. The dream speaks of family happiness. It is time to put your life in order.

Unmade bed

Bad tongues can defame you and attack your loved ones. Be careful about what you say. Don’t get into arguments, nor tell random people about the details of your life.

Broken bed

If you see a broken bed in your dream, be careful. Perhaps you should talk to your partner about your relationship, maybe you need to finally come to an agreement or make final decisions.

Dreambook warns you to avoid marital arguments.

New bed

A new bed in a dream is a sign of good health. If you have recently undergone any treatment or have been ill, you can be sure that the worst is over. Take care now that the good fortune lasts as long as possible.


Double bed (large bed)

A dream about a large bed indicates that your sexual needs are not being met and are being suppressed by you. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it with your partner, suggest other actions to help solve the problem.

Single bed

The dream means that you prefer solitude to companionship. However, be careful not to get too far away from people and isolate yourself from the world.

Bunk bed

A dream about a bunk bed speaks of your childhood and small joys.

First, ask yourself, did you sleep on a bunk bed as a child? Who shared the bed with you? Who slept on top and who slept on the bottom? The answers to these questions should give you some clues as to the interpretation of the dream and the meaning of your childhood in your current life

The dream has to do with your need to share your most intimate experiences and sensations with someone. If you slept on the top bed in your dream, it means that you are taking care of the person who was with you.

If you were the one sleeping on the lower bed, you feel taken care of and protected by loved ones.

Children’s bed

The dream foreshadows upcoming positive changes. Another dream meaning says that you feel the need for someone to take care of you, to support you in difficult times.

The dream may also represent a desire to regain independence, independence.


Hospital bed

Take care of your health. You may need to consult a specialist and take a few days of rest. Do not neglect any symptoms of illness or fatigue.

Bed of a stranger

If in your dream you are lying in the bed of a stranger, it may mean that someone may be setting a trap for you. Be careful not to get into any awkward situations during this time. Don’t make agreements or take out loans now.

Bed of the deceased

Dreambook announces that a time of well-deserved rest is ahead of you. Relax, unwind, make good use of these days, and devote them to relaxing and developing your interests.

Dream meaning: bed

  • To see a bed – you are looking for stability in life
  • To lie or sit on your bed – be careful about your health
  • Comfortable bed – your problems will soon be solved
  • Uncomfortable bed – talk to someone about your problems
  • Bed without a mattress – look for new acquaintances
  • Bed with white sheets – you can start a new relationship
  • Bed with a canopy – you are protected by others
  • A made-up bed – there will be peace and joy in your home
  • Unmade bed – be careful what you say
  • Broken bed – talk to your partner, avoid arguments
  • New bed – you will enjoy good health
  • Double bed (large) – your sexual needs are not satisfied
  • Single bed – you prefer solitude to companionship.
  • Bunk bed – you desire to share your intimate feelings with someone
  • Children’s bed – you feel the need for someone to take care of you
  • Hospital bed – take care of your health
  • Bed of a stranger – someone may be setting a trap for you
  • Bed of the deceased – before you a time of well-deserved rest

Bed – mystical Dreambook

  • When you make a bed in your dream, it foretells a change of location for you, but most likely only temporary, although it may take quite a long time.
  • Lying in bed heralds an imminent wedding for you or someone close to you.
  • If you dream that you are lying in a dirty bed, it may foreshadow some kind of illness for you.
  • When you make love to someone in bed, it means that in waking life you are dreaming of something that cannot come true.
  • Getting out of bed is a sign that you will get sick, but you will recover fast.
  • A folding bed foreshadows some problems for you due to illness or decline.
  • If you are sitting on a bed in your dream, it is a warning for you to be very careful in the near future.
  • When you are in a dream in a bed that is not yours, it means that a friend will visit you soon.
  • If you see a stranger in your bed, it foretells an argument for you with the person you are connected with.
  • An empty bed foreshadows your separation from someone you are currently involved with.
  • A double bed foreshadows that you will be lucky in the professional sphere.
  • When you fall off the bed in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious to show more caution in waking life.
  • A nicely made bed foreshadows a happy marriage for you.
  • An unmade bed is a sign that you are about to discover someone’s secret.
  • If in a dream you see a bed in the yard, it is a prediction of improvement in your financial situation.
  • A bed illuminated by the rays of the sun is a sign that you will live in abundance.

Bed dream dictionary


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