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A dream about a bathtub indicates that you need a rest. The bathtub is a symbol of purity, honesty and innocence. So the dream can indicate your character traits and behavior, or it can be an indication of how you should behave in a particular situation.

The meaning of the dream of a bathtub

To see a bathtub

The dream indicates that you are overtired. You should think about giving up some of your activities. Living at such a pace risks health problems.


An empty bathtub

The dream symbolizes impending problems. Pay particular attention to your relationships, contacts and ways of communicating with other people. Disturbances in these areas can cause much turmoil in your life.

Bathtub filled with water (full of water)

A dream is a harbinger of good times ahead. However, you can’t stop trying, letting go, and neglecting your affairs. The meaning of the dream assures you that the coming moments will bring you joy and satisfaction.

Bathtub overflowing with water (water is pouring out of the bathtub).
The dream suggests that your patience and endurance are at an end. You are fed up with something and are struggling to control your emotions. Try to distance yourself and relax. The matter must be resolved, but calmly.

Bathtub filled with blood

This dream is a symbol of fiery emotions, feelings. According to the dreamer, it can mean passionate love, but also anger or hatred.

Clean bathtub (bathtub with clean water)

The dream predicts happiness and success. It is a time when you can realize your dreams, achieve the goals you have been striving for. The meaning of the dream also predicts success and the possibility of positive changes in various areas of your life.

Another meaning of the dream is that you have finally managed to solve the problem that has been bothering you.


Dirty bathtub (bathtub with dirty water)

The dream foretells problems that may be difficult to solve. They have probably been accumulating for some time, and you have been wrapping them up or pretending they are not there. Now they will come to light with redoubled force. Be patient and begin to resolve them one at a time.

The dreamer also suggests that you may have difficulty with your emotions or with dealing with someone in your daily life.

Scratched (destroyed) bathtub

A dream about a broken bathtub is a symbol of trouble in a relationship. Take a closer look at what is going on between you and your partner. It’s time to fix your relationship and spend more time on each other’s problems.

Clean (wash) the bathtub

This dream is a sign that you need to get your life in order. Perhaps you need to reconcile with someone, repair a broken relationship, admit a mistake, or get your house in order. The meaning of the dream is that it is time to get rid of clutter and irregularities.

Bathing in a bathtub

Bathing in real life is a moment of hygiene and relaxation; in a dream it carries the same message. A dream in which you are bathing in a bathtub usually means joy, relaxation, well-deserved rest.

Other meanings of the dream can signal health problems, so if you have any complaints, consult your doctor.

If you dream of taking a bath, you are undergoing an emotional or mental “cleansing.

The dream also means that you are a balanced person who believes in your ideals.


It can also symbolize the search for purity of feelings, liberation from difficult situations.

Yet another meaning of the dream suggests that you carry a sense of guilt, a desire to get rid of fears and things, feelings or issues that are dirty and unwanted by you.

Seeing someone taking a bath in the bathtub

If you have had problems in your relationship, the dream foretells an improvement. Things should gradually return to normal.

The dream also predicts that you will regain confidence and emotional stability.

Taking a bath with someone

If you dream of taking a bath with someone else, it is likely that a friend will ask you for help. Show him or her your sympathy.

To take a bath with a partner, lover

This dream means the strengthening of a relationship, passion. It can also herald a romantic meeting or an announcement. It can also herald a positive breakthrough in your relationship.

Bathing a child in a bathtub

A dream about bathing a child is associated with renewal, transformation that will change your life for the better. The dream heralds positive events.

To bathe a dog in a bathtub

The dog is a symbol of faithfulness, loyalty and friendship. The dream may be related to one of your friends. Perhaps your friend needs more attention. It is possible that you need to clarify an issue.


Types of bathtubs

Cast iron (enameled) bathtub

The dream foretells small pleasures that will bring a lot of positive sensations into your daily life. Enjoy every moment and take the opportunity to relax.

Marble bathtub

Sleep is a symbol of improved health and well-being. If something is ailing you, chances are you will experience improvement or be cured, but you need to take care of yourself. This is a good time to get a check-up, even if you are not experiencing any serious ailments.

What does a bathtub mean in a dream?

  • To see a bathtub – you are overtired
  • An empty bathtub – you need to learn to communicate properly with people
  • Bathtub filled with water (full of water) – joy and contentment are coming
  • Bathtub overflowing with water (water is pouring out of the bathtub) – your patience is running out, you need to rest
  • Bathtub filled with blood – you carry strong emotions inside you
  • Clean bathtub (bathtub with clean water) – you can realize your dreams
  • Dirty bathtub (bathtub with dirty water) – problems that have been put off will let you know about yourself
  • Scratched (damaged) bathtub – spend more time with your partner
  • Clean (washed) bathtub – you should get your life in order
  • Bathing in the bathtub – it’s time to relax, rest
  • To see someone bathing in the tub – the situation will improve
  • Bathing in the tub with someone else – a friend will ask you for help
  • Having a bath with your partner – your relationship with your partner will be strengthened
  • Bathe your child in the bathtub – positive changes will come
  • Bathe your dog in the bathtub – pay more attention to your friend
  • Cast iron (enamel) bathtub – enjoy every moment
  • Marble bathtub – you will feel better

Mystic dream meaning : Bathtub

If you see a bathtub in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon begin to bring order into your life.

Meaning of the dream bathtub

If you are bathing in a bathtub, it foretells that you are struggling with a particularly unpleasant illness.

If you dream of being in a bathtub with someone, it is a sign that you will easily fall into addictions when you wake up, and that you will need to be constantly on guard against them.

Bath dream dictionary

Bath – Dream Symbol Interpretation

To dream about taking a bath symbolizes self-purification and the purging of troubles. It can also mean that you are ridding yourself old and destructive ways of thinking. You could be headed toward absolution and freedom.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Bathtub

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