Brown dream dictionary


Brown dream dictionary

Brown – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Material world, – security. Question: – What needs in my life the organisation?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Remaining, – structured linkedly, – growth, – reliability, – earthed, – earth consciousness, – environment-conscious being, – tortoise’s clan, – moon of the flying ducks. Description: Brown is the colour which is connected in the internal circle of the medicine wheel with the position of the earth clan or tortoise’s clan and, in addition, also with the moon of the flying ducks (from the 23rd of September to the 23rd of October). Brown is the colour of the earth, the home of our grown ones as well as the wild plants. Brown is the colour of the connection, the growth, the stability. It is a colour which encourages the mind to accept structure and form, – a colour which the environment-conscious being increases and the consciousness for the earth. General meaning: Connection with the earth, – earth energy, – structure, – stability. Trick meaning: Brown the skin colour is the inhabitant of the Mediterranean area, Eastern Asia and the Middle East. Transcendent meaning: A gift of the earth.



Brown the earth and therefore motherliness, natural attachment and sensuousness symbolises in the dream and appears, therefore, often with nature-loving people in dreams. However, one has also found out in many years’ attempts with colour tests that Neurotiker prefer the colour Brown what points to an unaware complex. The individual meaning arises from the other accompanying circumstances. The colour can sometimes also point to a turn in the life which precipitates mostly unfavorably. Brown eyes should be understood as a warning sign before wrong friends. Who tangles brown clothes, that should move his up to now perhaps quick conduct on a little quieter pace.



  • as an unpleasantly felt colour: Disappointments and restlessness approach,
  • brown eyes see: one will be mistaken in a woman,
  • brown clothes: one will be defeated by deceptions, although one believes himself in security.

(European ones).:

  • as an intercolor she points to a transitional stage which mostly leads to the bad
  • see as a colour: delusive hope, – care, you could be deceived by a person whom you trust,
  • carry brown dress: one will get in a danger.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Brown

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