Barrel dream dictionary


Barrel dream dictionary

Barrel – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Enclosed being, – capacity. Question: – What do I have on camp? How much can I touch?


A barrel is, like most containers, a symbol for the female principle. Because most barrels of hand-made are, a dream of a barrel refers to the care with which the dreaming deals with his own emotional balance. Barrel often has similar meaning like the bucket as a vessel of the life. Sexual needs are often expressed in it also, sometimes hidden illnesses. It is likely that the dreaming himself in the contents of the barrel recognises as in the barrel himself. A barrel in the dream also refers to the talent to be able to handle creatively with raw material. If we see a barrel without ground in the dream, something is not in our mentality completely in order. Barrel in the house indicates the neglected development of a personality portion. Barrel indicates outside missing external securities. Wine casks can point to the need for more sociability and change.



At the spiritual level a barrel stands without ground for useless strains.



  • one or many empty ones see: your modesty brings you only damage, – the poverty comes to the house, – one is not contented with his present life,
  • the full: your bragging uses nothing, – also to you: you can protect to yourself property and luck,
  • many full barrels see: Wealth or rich harvest, – future prosperity,
  • without ground: your activities have no purpose and lead to no success,
  • carry: do not deal with things which concern you nothing,
  • roll: the luck comes to you, however, you still have to perform heavy work,
  • even one tap: one will win a new high-powered friend, – also: the worries are to an end, glad time approaches,
  • bind: you will build a house.

(European ones).:

  • if not health disturbances a dream cause are, it is to be understood sexually,
  • see: recompensed trouble, – also: the work piles up and hardly can be mastered more,
  • one completely wines shop: one will get nice guests,
  • completely: one will succeed with his efforts and reach by diligence and thrift to Wohlhabenheit, – fat years and many parties,
  • with fish fullly: Prosperity,
  • the full and closed: warns about immoderation,
  • the leaking barrel from which liquid runs out: warns about big financial losses,
  • carry a heavy one: if rest promises after a tiresome work,
  • blank: announces annoyance, – lack, need and material poverty, – a life means poor in joys or consolation in difficult times,
  • dance therefore around: if difficult work,
  • promises

  • see the broken: if bad luck announces,
  • leaky: Losses,
  • bottomless: all strains are in vain because one cannot achieve his aim,
  • tap themselves one: one wins a high-powered person as a friend, – the end of a run of bad luck announces, – besides, it concerns a beer barrel, it can also indicate the recovery of an illness,
  • see tapping: now all grief has an end, – one will arise to the drink,
  • before himself hinrollen: will achieve only a success if one works for it hard, – also: hard times will come,
  • several roll in his cellar: if a rich and sure future,
  • promises

  • barrels in the cellar see: symbolise a secure material life basis,
  • many barrels see: Wealth, – increase of the property,
  • kegs see: must struggle out of difficulties,
  • broken kegs: stand for a separation of family or friends.


  • tap: your sufferings will soon come to an end,
  • leaky: you will suffer business losses,
  • empties: would be warned about deception,
  • fullly: an inheritance in the foreseeable future.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Barrel

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