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Sleep barometer. The cause of your state may be too much energy, which bursts you because you do not have enough physical activities to find an outlet somewhere.

On the other hand, if the barometer shows high pressure, it is a sign of a constant struggle to master our instincts and not become a victim of our passions. This symbol can also signify interruptions in internal pressure, i.e., energy supply. They begin to define the human being, not the other way around.


Barometer Dream Meaning

This symbol can also mean that you will have bad friends. Dreaming of a barometer that indicates bad weather foreshadows complex situations that are just around the corner and can cause you nervousness and conflicts of interest.

The barometer in sleepy reality symbolizes changes in the weather at work. Still, the barometer in our dreams as an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure can indicate changes in mood, emotions, and feelings.

You are under a lot of pressure when you see the barometer needle soar upwards. The high pressure that the barometer shows in your sleep can be a warning of too much internal voltage, which you need to reduce.

If this theme appears in your dream, it may mean that you are awake because of a problem, and you may not necessarily be aware of it.

A broken barometer may portend that soon there will be changes in your life, which may or may not be favorable. Too low pressure can symbolize a lack of energy and motivation to act.

This symbol is often interpreted as a sign of mental pressure that gives you vitality, weakens your temperament and energy, and makes you exceed your expectations of yourself. An accurate explanation of such a dream is possible only in an individual life situation.


To dream of a broken or broken barometer or that it breaks while sleeping indicates that unexpected difficulties will arise in implementing our projects. Fortunately, each of them will do you good, even though you may have had a different impression.

On the other hand, when the barometer in front of your eyes breaks or is otherwise destroyed, not necessarily because of you, it is an announcement that some matter you are involved in will take an unexpected turn and possibly accelerate its pace.

The barometer at work symbolizes that an unexpected business situation will surprise you when the spring rain falls on you out of nowhere and takes over your professional life.

A dream about a barometer may indicate a change in our affairs and interests or a change of residence. If you see a barometer in a dream, it is a sign that you expect help from others, and you want to watch idly at how they work. This dream invites us to ask for advice from someone who knows us or our interests. Understood as the prevailing mental pressure in us, e.g.

The falling shards of the barometer portend a sudden change in your life position. You have to deal with what life gives you. Suppose the barometer portends good weather in a dream. In that case, it is a sign that our affairs will go well, not only because of our efforts but also because the right conditions will be created for professional and emotional development.

barometer dream symbol

What does dreaming about barometer mean?

If you dream that you see a barometer, although you are trying very hard to meet a case and bring it to a happy end, you will not succeed, and your action will end in complete failure.

A broken barometer tells you that you can’t change your life now. By our high energy, temperament, or troubles and exhaustion. It can also be a harbinger of good fortune. This symbol may give you trouble.

It is essential to consider whether all the changes we recently made were correct. If you see a barometer in your dream, it is a signal to wait for some good news. Otherwise, some of your interests will fail.


Barometers in a dream also symbolize our mood and reflect our well-being. When you see a broken barometer, it tells you it is an unexpectedly unpleasant business incident.

Sticking to the rules is essential, but it does not give development, we develop when we break patterns and standards, but there is also a real danger. For the correct interpretation of this dream, it is necessary to analyze specific images and other elements.

Usually, dreams in which barometers appear symbolize our surroundings. If they show low blood pressure, it is a sign that we feel calm and comfortable with our thoughts and actions. The barometer also indicates our spiritual development, indicating that a person creates some rules and often follows them as his code.

The barometer is a sign that it is time to make some critical measurements in your life. The barometer signifies extremely favorable changes in the near future. This mode of operation of the barometer in our dreams is easy to read, as it indicates changes in the weather as changes in our emotions.

Barometer In Dreams – Meaning, Interpretation And Symbolism

See the barometer

Unfortunately, the action you will take soon will turn out to be a disaster, so avoid expenses or contracts. An undertaking with high hopes will fail, not following your rules. For the time being, actions that you take with high hopes will not bring any results.

Broken barometer

With a sudden turn in action, everything will suddenly change. A dream portends a sudden turn in a specific manner, a sudden turn in negotiations indicates unexpected and unpleasant incidents in professional work, and a sudden turn in the proceedings.

Ascending barometer

Shortly, due to the excess of duties, you will have your head torn off, a sign of changes that will be highly beneficial.

Falling barometer

Malaise will take away your will to work. An undertaking with high hopes will fail.


Barometer support

It augurs the acquisition of new skills necessary to continue functioning in challenging life moments.

Reading from the barometer

It is a sign that you will experience a pleasant surprise that will change the fate of your loved ones. You need rest.

Scaling the barometer

However, this means that you may run into obstacles that you can handle perfectly.

Buy a barometer

Foretells a change in the social environment and announces a change in the environment.

Broken barometer

Unexpected and unpleasant incidents at work.


Barometer dream dictionary
Barometer – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Dream about barometer

One interprets barometre often as a symbol of the psychic pressure under which a person stands, – it can be derived partly from vitality, temperament and energy of the personality, but also on too high charges (Provide, conflicts, excessive demands) point. The exact meaning reveals itself only in connection with the individual life situation.

  • a high pressure which the barometre indicates in the dream, as a warning before the too high internal tension which one must reduce
  • a too low pressure can symbolise a mental ‘low-pressure area’.
  • The broken barometre maybe announces that it will soon come for a change in the life which can be favorable or unfavorable, – however, this symbol possibly warns also about the fact that one ‘breaks’ in the internal pressure.

Islam Dream Meaning

  • in general: domestic annoyance,
  • look: You expect from other help and want to watch idly. This is wrong. What may always come, you must master it yourself. Do not hesitate, hence.

Christian Dream Meaning

  • see: wait for only good news, otherwise some business fails, – also an enterprise begun with big hopes will suffer a fiasco, – also: you will expose wrong friends and become her man,
  • see how the values walk precipitously upwards: one stands under big pressure,
  • breaks it: a life change cannot be handled,
  • see the broken: unexpected disagreeable business incidents,
  • drop in shards: a sudden change in own life position can be expected.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Barometer

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