Bait dream dictionary


Bait dream dictionary

Bait – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The bait in the dream can also refer to a personality portion of the dreaming who must be lured out specially in ingenious manner, so that he can be integrated in the whole personality. He symbolises mostly also deceptions and cunning with which one should be arranged to certain things, – the warning can be understood only from the concrete living conditions. If a bait is laid out in the dream of a woman, this her doubt can express about whether she is attractive enough for a desired partner. Maybe the dreaming believes to have to ensnare to lure the candidate for a partnership into a trap and to have to ensnare.


At the spiritual level the bait in the dream signals a dangerous play with the bad person which the dreaming must ‘irritate’ somehow, so that it goes for him in the trap and can be controlled, finally.




  • see: a temptation moves up to you,
  • lay out: one will check his partner or his friends for loyalty,

(European ones).:

  • Trusting not blindly to those which want to make sure at all costs of the goodwill.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Bait

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