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Sleep can mean that we are under strong pressure from people around us, which translates into quick response in many situations with a low spare time.

For some, the atmosphere will be a sign of stressful situations, but at work it can be a sign of a career peak. The blue sky and the sun promise happiness, make all dreams come true, they prophesy prosperity in financial matters and every success, also in the company of loyal friends.


Clouds, rain and thunderstorms bode hard and bad luck depending on the strength of the storm. They will be less severe as long as you see the storm and are not its victim.

This symbol, no matter in what form it appears, what additional details accompany it and what is the context of its appearance, it means that you are most likely strongly influenced by some people.

Even if they want the best for you and such a strong dependence on them does not result in anything undesirable for you, you should try to gain more independence, because if you do not do this, your spiritual development will stall and you will be a person poor in life experience. The importance of the sleep atmosphere

Light atmosphere

a good turn of things, you will cleanse your relationship with the environment and the way you see others, and everything will turn out.

Heavy atmosphere


change of place, you are heavily and strongly influenced by others, it’s time to break free from it as soon as possible.

Indefinite atmosphere

maybe you are the reason for disturbed relations with your surroundings, time for reflection.

Pay attention to the atmosphere

you have to make some effort to think because not everything is clear.


a symbol of our well-being and emotional state, very important in dreams.

Warm atmosphere


time to show good positive emotions and feelings to your surroundings.

Blue sky and sunshine form one extremely luck-promising of all dreams, because he prophesies prosperity in financial matters, luck in the domestic area and the society of loyal friends. Nevertheless, clouds, rains and thunderstorms are all signs of difficulties and bad luck which depend on the fierceness of the storm. It is less serious if you look at the storm and are not his victim.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Atmosphere

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