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Allergy is the body’s reaction to foods and other allergic factors. If it appears in your dream, it can symbolize the guilt you are magnifying in yourself or not accepting someone or something in your environment.

Allergy dream meaning

When you are allergic in your dream, something in your life is bothering you.


When you treat an allergy in a dream, you will get rid of something that affects you badly.

allergy dream meaning

Meaning of the dream ALERGY in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

When in a dream you see an allergy in a friend, you do not accept someone in your environment.

If in a dream you are allergic to something, you have a dislike for someone because of their behavior.

When you have an allergy in your dream in a nature setting, you are afraid of contact with someone in your environment.

If you have an allergy in the workplace, you are afraid of your superiors.


In a woman’s dream she has an allergy, you are weary of your partner.

When in a man’s dream he has an allergy, it is time to sort out relations with loved ones.

dream about allergy

Allergy dream.

If this symbol appears in your dream, it may mean that you reject certain things and behaviors. Allergy is the body’s reaction to foods and other allergic factors.

However, our subconscious knows how you feel when you are around this person, it knows that the problem is growing and will not solve itself, you need a deep analysis of your situation, and wise decisions, the time for pretending that everything is fine has passed.

If it is the dreaming person who suffers from allergies, then he will have to defend himself against annoying people. In general, a dream about allergies indicates frustration caused by small daily problems that have built up.

A dream about allergies means that we can keep our distance from a certain person or events or things. It also means encountering certain hesitations and awkward situations in life. It is also often a sign of wanting to do something new or doubting whether it is worth starting over. Sometimes allergy also means regret and sadness caused by guilt.

Depending on the context, this dream can also mean an urgent need for sexual gratification. In dreams it is exactly the same only pertaining to a particular person or his conduct.

An allergy is a more or less violent reaction of our body to certain events or certain people, it is a sign that someone is present in your life whom you do not fully accept or even digest. If the dreaming person causes someone else to have an allergy, it is a symbol of unpleasant work. The presence in a dream of an allergic reaction to something or someone also indicates something incompatible with the purpose of our life.


It negatively affects our mood, even though you do not realize that someone who causes you resentment makes you want to avoid contact with him. Allergy is a sign that there is someone present in your life whom you do not fully accept. A dream about suffering from a skin allergy suggests possible disagreements with loved ones who will oppose your decisions.

It negatively affects your mood, even though you don’t realize it. On waking, an allergy is simply a pathological hypersensitivity and our body’s response to not tolerating a certain factor. If it appears in your dream, it can symbolize the guilt you are magnifying in yourself or not accepting someone or something in your environment.

Avoiding contact with allergy sufferers means that you are giving in to your fears for the time being, but will eventually succeed. It can manifest itself mildly, as with a runny nose or tearing, all the way to life-threatening shock and death if an intolerant person appears in our dreams. Allergy is the body’s defensive response to pathogens such as pollen, dander and dust.

Meaning of the dream allergy

Cure yourself of allergies

you will soon get rid of bad influences, get rid of something that affects you badly, improvement of social relations.

Have an allergy

certain things get on your nerves, something irritates you, isolation from problems or selected people.

See someone with allergies


encountering a difficult situation, you have to face a difficult situation.

Allergy dream dictionary

Allergy – Dream Symbol Interpretation

An allergy is a reaction of the body on something that we eat, pull or do to him. An allergy in the dream can symbolise guilt which one has loaded at home on himself.

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