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This symbol indicates that you have an unmet sexual need while you are awake.

If you see asparagus in a dream, this portends that you are about to experience some passionate adventure or episode.


Asparagus : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

If you buy asparagus in a dream, it is a sign of success for you in the professional sphere.

Eating asparagus signals that you feel remorse over your inability to control your passions, which you allowed yourself to do in the near or distant past.

Asparagus : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

What does it mean when you dream about Asparagus?

Asparagus in a dream is a sign of intoxication in love and a romantic aura. Due to their phallic shape they refer to our sexual needs, sometimes they also herald short-term pleasures.

  • to see asparagus – a dream portends prosperity or a love adventure
  • eat asparagus – you are afraid that your actions related to temporary passions may have unpleasant consequences in the future
  • stop eating asparagus – some part of your life that has been falling apart for a long time will soon fall apart for good
  • withered asparagus – you let quite random people decide your fate too much
  • cook asparagus – your romantic intentions will be realized according to plan.
Asparagus dream dictionary
Asparagus – Dream Symbol Interpretation

In general. Asparagus symbolises as a phallic symbol sexual needs, sometimes also a brief passion which is not reined if they, substantial damage can cause.

Moreover, the asparagus warns about the influence of foreign people. One should count on his own power of judgement.


Where the asparagus grows, the love – blossoms particularly in women’s dreams, – then already in days of yore the tender-white rung of the lily plant was valid as a prototype of the male limb.




  • see: you are discontented.
  • sting: good salary,
  • cook: a small loss in the play,
  • eat: enjoyable hours and unconcerned life.


  • This symbol advises to expose itself not to the influence more different, but to support itself on own power of judgement. Everybody sees the things different, this is why everybody should also form his own opinion. One should be also less credulous and take before disingenuous friends in eight. If one is discontented with his erotic life, one himself must become active.

(European ones).:

  • unambiguously as a sexual symbol to value, – lasciviousness, luxuriance, happy times and then in the most own interest ‘are moderate’ slogan must be, – good relations and peace with the surroundings,
  • see: if a passionate experience tells in,
  • eat: if brings remorse for an experience with which with one the passion has gone through, – the successful strand is interrupted.


  • see: your future will be quiet and cheerful,
  • sting: you will experience pleased days,
  • eat: good health.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Asparagus

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