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A dream about being arrested means that you feel trapped in a situation. It may reflect a barrier that prevents you from accepting news that comes into your life. When something new suddenly appears, you usually don’t handle it well.

Dreambook Arrest

To be arrested

A dream about your own arrest signifies difficulties in expressing your feelings. You may feel that you are stuck in certain situations and are unable to move forward. Because of this, opportunities have passed you by. You are being unfair to yourself when you stop enjoying life, when you let anguish or fear take over. You need to face your fears, set goals and get on with life.


A dream in which you are arrested is a warning about certain decisions or changes. The dream also warns of the possible loss of a very dear friendship. Be careful with your words and actions so that you don’t hurt your loved ones.

Arrest by the police

If you dreamed that you were arrested by the police, the meaning of the dream warns you to be careful, because you may find yourself in danger. However, stay calm, nervousness will not solve anything. Try to be more observant and anticipatory, especially when you are walking down the street at night, for example. The dream may have occurred now because you think nothing will ever happen to you so understand that risk always exists.

Surrender and be arrested

Any dream concerning your own arrest reflects your difficulty in dealing with certain emotions, and also indicates that you feel trapped in some situations. It also shows that you are ready to take the first step toward solving these problems. You have already started working on your emotions, so you are determined and ready to let go of anything that causes you harm or hinders you from going your way.

Being arrested with someone else

The dream that you are arrested with someone else is related to your emotions. The dreambook notes that you may feel trapped in certain situations, such as a job that exhausts you emotionally, or a toxic relationship.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to determine which situation has caused you this anguish. Now is the time to confront it and solve the problem. If the problem is with a relationship, end it. If a friend, end the acquaintance. If you are not satisfied with your job, start looking for a new job.

Wrongful arrest

A dream that you have been wrongfully arrested means that you need to make some changes in your life, especially about things that are bothering you. This is a good time for reflection. Start by taking a look at your entire life, both personal and professional. Identify the situations that are bothering you and find out why they are happening. Realize that if you are not satisfied with something, you need to act.


Getting arrested for drug possession

When you dream about drugs, it means you may be in a relationship with someone you can’t trust. Jail represents your fears and the way you feel trapped in certain situations.

Even if you don’t know what’s going on yet, the dream is a sign that your mind has already started to suspect danger, and you feel uncomfortable about it. The first thing to do is to remain calm and try to identify the person who is hurting you. Then try to walk away and lean on someone you can really trust.

Being arrested for theft

If in your dream you were arrested for stealing, the meaning of the dream suggests that you are experiencing conflict. You feel that you were not appreciated as you should have been. Therefore, it is necessary for you to seek strength and face the problem.

Such a dream is a clear sign that you can no longer escape from your problems. So if you feel unappreciated at your job or in a relationship, look for a way to talk about it with the people involved. Show them how you feel about it and how it hurts you.

Being arrested for assault

A dream that you are arrested for assault means that you have recently behaved aggressively. This fact may take place because of someone’s impulsiveness. Therefore, this is the perfect time to rethink your attitude towards others. Realize that you can’t take out your frustrations on people because you didn’t get what you wanted. Try to take a few days to relax and de-stress.

Arrested for a joke

If in your dream you were arrested for a joke, the dreambook explains that you are open to new life experiences. You can improve your qualifications to become a professional, seek new challenges. You can also change your relationships, you will become a more understanding person.

Arresting husband, wife

The dream about arresting your husband means that you feel overwhelmed by problems and do not know how to deal with it. Some problems may be related to your relationship, you may not have been able to talk to your partner about it. So take some time to relax and clear your thoughts, and then talk to your partner about what’s bothering you.

Arresting a friend

The meaning of the dream about arresting a friend depends on the feelings you had during the dream. If you felt relieved when you saw this scene the dream means that this person is a bad influence on you. If you were sad about what happened it means that this friend is a very important person for you. However, for reasons beyond your control you have grown distant and lost your bond. If this is the case with you, take the opportunity to look for this person and, regardless of his reaction, do everything in your power to restore this friendship.


Arresting a thief

A dream about a person who really deserves to be arrested going to jail indicates that you are in for a pleasant surprise in the coming days.

It could be related to good news at work, such as a promotion or a raise. It could be something like an offer for a trip so you can relax.

Arresting a murderer

The dream means that you need to revise your attitude towards others. The dreambook predicts that you may behave badly towards some people because you don’t know how to express or control your feelings. Therefore, now is the time to stop and think about your actions. Understand that you can’t take out your frustrations on others. If you have a problem, find a friend and talk about it.

Arrest at school

When you dream that the arrest took place at school it means that you may be living in another reality, you do not want to grow up. Jail in this dream indicates that you are stuck in this phase of your life. It is time to face adult challenges and adversity. Accept the fact that your adolescence cycle has come to an end and be prepared for the coming new phase.

Arrest in a beautiful place

The dream means that you are experiencing a wonderful moment in your life and you do not want this moment to pass. You are calm and happy. Take the opportunity to take care of yourself and your well-being, but don’t forget that life is made up of cycles, so old phases must close in order for new ones to open. You can’t stay in this situation forever.

Arrest in a dark, cold place

The dreambook explains the dream as a sign that you were depressed and want to solve what ails you as soon as possible, to get out of the grim situation you are in.

However, it is important that you remain calm, you can tune your thoughts and find a solution to these problems. Talking to someone you trust can help you. Seek out this person and tell him how you feel, he will certainly be able to give you good advice.

Dream meaning: arresting

  • To be arrested – you have difficulty in expressing your feelings
  • To be arrested by the police – be careful, stay calm
  • To surrender and be arrested – you do not deal with your emotions
  • Being arrested with someone else – you feel trapped in some situations
  • Wrongful arrest – change what you are not happy with
  • Arrest for drug possession – walk away from the one who is hurting you
  • Arrest for theft – you can no longer run away from your problems
  • Arrest for assault – don’t take out your frustration on others
  • Arrest for a joke – you are open to new life experiences
  • Arresting a husband, wife – you feel overwhelmed by problems
  • Arresting a friend – think about the influence a friend has on you
  • Arresting a thief – you are in for a pleasant surprise
  • Arresting a murderer – you don’t know how to express or control your feelings
  • Arrest at school – it’s time to grow up
  • Arrest in a beautiful place – you are experiencing a wonderful moment in your life
  • Arrest in a dark, cold place – you want to solve the problem as soon as possible

Dream of arrest – symbolism

Arrest can have negative connotations even for people who have nothing on their conscience. After all, the movies teach us that mistakes happen and you can be accused despite your innocence. What, then, could the dream of being arrested by the police mean? See for yourself!


Arrest by the police is not a part of everyday life. This event – unequivocally unpleasant – is associated with many people only with action movies, while for others it can be a traumatic memory. In recent years, the number of arrests, for example related to civil protests, has increased, so not only those who break the law, but also activists may fear contact with the police. What if you dream of being arrested? Be sure to check its meaning in the dream book!

The symbolism of the dream of arrest is associated with guilt. According to the dream book, arrest means that you do not accept your own behavior, so you should think about your life and what and how you can change. Dreaming of being arrested may also mean that you are responsible for the bad impression you have made on others. She warns you against blaming others for your suspicions.

dreaming about arrest

Dream interpretation: you’ve been arrested

A dream in which the police arrest you means that you have trouble bearing responsibility for your actions. You are afraid that you will have to face events that you have brought on yourself. It is very possible that you consider yourself an untrustworthy or unethical person, and recalling arrest in a dream is an attempt by your subconscious to self-discipline. Even if awake you feel comfortable with combinatoriality, sleep is a signal that you are nevertheless tormented by remorse.

For the interpretation of the dream of being arrested, the dreamer’s gender is important. A woman dreaming of being arrested feels deprived of agency and influence on her life, while the man is pathically jealous of someone.

It is also important whether, according to the dream, you are responsible for what you were arrested for. If your arrest is for a crime you haven’t committed, a dream is a sign of coping with adversity. You will be able to achieve your goals as long as you show patience and persistence. Running away from being arrested by the police means you feel guilty and your conscience is keeping you from building a successful relationship.

Dream interpretation: someone has been arrested

If in a dream it is because of you that someone else is arrested, it symbolizes that the environment has seen through the appearances that you have tried to create. It’s time to be honest – you won’t fool anyone anyway – and this is your last chance to fight for the trust of others. Otherwise, you will not avoid quarrels or more serious problems.

When someone really close to you is arrested, it is a signal that that person is in danger. On the other hand, if someone is arrested in front of your eyes, a dream means that you have been hurt by someone, but you should forgive them and then make peace with that person. Only then will you feel better.

Dream interpretation: policeman and arrest

Aggression by the arresting officer is a warning – you are about to make an irreversible mistake – the consequences of which will weigh on you for years. This is the last chance to back off. The appearance of a uniformed policeman in a dream foreshadows trouble or informs about troubles that are already going on. The uniform symbolizes the negative attitude of the environment towards you.


If you are a policewoman arresting someone, it is a sign that you have something on your conscience. You should stop bending the rules. It’s high time to stop giving in to temptation. If you know that the arrested person is innocent, it is a sign that you are blinded by jealousy and you are not able to rationally judge people around you.

arrest police

What does it mean when you dream about arrest?

If in a dream we see that someone else is arrested, then this is an announcement of theft.

Arrest in a dream is often a harbinger of unpleasant news, and also expresses the fear of punishment for our offenses. If we witness an arrest, it is a sign that we should forgive someone who has made a mistake and make peace with that person.

This symbol can mean that you feel deeply guilty about the intentions and desires you have that you find unacceptable.

Perhaps it also has to do with the fact that, as a result of unfortunate actions, you will create some false suspicions on yourself, which will be hard for you to bear.

You have to do something about it so it doesn’t get worse. Sometimes it is a sign that we ourselves are guilty of putting wrong suspicions on us.

When you see that someone has been arrested, it means that although you have been under the delusion to the contrary, people know you from the side you wanted to hide from them. However, this is not the case for everything. We should take bad events at face value, which we received from fate.

To dream that we are arresting someone innocent indicates that feeling envious will lead us to make wrong decisions. After all, you are not anyone’s slave. The feelings are strong and break through to the surface of the dream in their true form.


A dream in which the dreamer is arrested means a lack of enthusiasm for work.

To dream that we have been arrested may be a sign that we will receive charges of some kind that will cause shame and humiliation for our misbehavior.

A dream in which we are escaping arrest is a sign that guilt and remorse are preventing our emotional relationships from developing.

In the Arabic dream book, this dream means that someone wants to destroy you, but you can still prevent it. It can symbolize a sense of guilt arising from our own intentions, needs and behaviors that we ourselves do not accept – they need to be analyzed and then accepted or changed.

If we are arrested by our enemies, it is a sign that our aspirations are average and that we must seek motivation and ambition within ourselves.

In the dream world, symbolic perversity is the order of the day, as is the case here.

Arrest usually symbolizes good luck, good business.

If in a dream we are arrested for a crime that we did not commit, it is a sign that, despite the difficulties and failures that arise, we will be able to overcome adversities thanks to our patience and determination.


Despotism and the restrictions imposed on you hurt. This dream can also represent our disagreement that our family or partner does not appreciate us when we feel we deserve it.

Get arrested

you can take care of yourself, you are independent and independent, the actions you take will not be entirely fair.

See them arrest someone

you will soon find out that no one has succumbed to the delusions you have created, watch out for false friends.


Arrest dream dictionary
Arrest – Dream Symbol Interpretation
  • Somebody wants to damage you, however, you can still prevent it.
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