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The Arms in a dream indicates the caring side of human nature. The right arm symbolizes male energy, while the left arm is associated with care and care, and represents female characteristics.

Having more than two arms in a dream indicates an open mind and acceptance of the present life. The arms also herald new challenges and life struggles.

  • to see your own arm in a dream – arduous but satisfying work awaits you
  • see someone’s arm – someone important will help you and infect you with enthusiasm for work
  • animal arm – you will show great helplessness in relations with a friend
  • to cry on someone else’s shoulder – a dream expresses the need for support and comfort in caring
  • if someone else cries on your shoulder – a certain person will make you feel pity
  • injured shoulder – you always put yourself in the background instead of taking good care of yourself from time to time
  • broken – you will fall out with a friend and you will regret it very much
  • raise them – you do not have the courage to make independent decisions because someone is constantly manipulating you
  • have a strong arm – you will approach a certain matter responsibly for which you will gain recognition from a respected person
  • have hairy hair – you will achieve financial success in a short time
  • shrinking arm – you will quickly come to the conclusion that someone is limiting you in life and you will want to shorten it
  • to tear someone’s arm out – someone will throw you out of balance, but you do not dare to pay attention to them.
arms in dream

What does it mean when you dream about Arms?

Shoulder in a dream as an expression of caring for other people:

You are trying to be a support for many people. Remember that when taking care of everyone, you have to arm yourself with a protective armor that will protect you and allow you to fight against adversities.

You should be more resolute and brave when dealing with other people, because your arms may herald your giving up your desires for the benefit of others.

You can reach people very easily, you have no problem with general communication and communication. However, you tend to hide and express your feelings clearly. Therefore, it is in dreams that you react very violently to your waking life.


Arms dream dictionary
Arms – dream symbol interpretation

Arms – dream meaning

Association: – Be ready strength,-. Question: For which am I ready, or what do I prepare for? What is I to be given or to conceive ready?


The arm and the hand belong completely close together. Arms stand in the dream in general for the ability to form the life, to be realised active independently, to create something, to change or to destroy. If an arm appears in the dream, he stands symbolically for the ability and the basis of the action. Accordingly one can interpret the loss or the paralysis of an arm. The other arms stand for the protected being and often the wish is given to be again a child to be protected by the arms of the mother. In the negative one they also symbolise fear of the arms them strike what expresses itself in the suitable accompanying symbolism.


special interpretations of this symbol admit the following accompanying circumstances:

  • Who is limited itself the arm injured, in his legal capacity.
  • strong arms circumscribe grabbing in the occupation like in the private life, this leads to success.
  • too briefly advisable arms point to despondence because everything fails.

small, but important details cannot grasp too long

  • ,
  • weak or dry ones let assume in certain respects helplessness.

strongly hairy arms should point out

  • after an old national wisdom to monetary increase (there we get our ‘moss’).
  • And, finally, are arms which embrace us, those assistants who take us ‘under the arms’.
  • own arms announce in the dream often heavy work.
  • Only one arm can point to inhibitions or other obstacles in the life to whose mastering one feels too weak.
  • broken arms can point to forthcoming big disputes and losses.
  • amputation (see under this headword) of an arm is to be understood as a sign for restrictions of own opportunities for development.

Moreover, one must still consider the different symbolism from surely and on the left (see under these headwords) if one perceives only one arm in the dream.


Strong, nice arms promise business success, particularly to craftsmen and people who earn her living by barter shops. Against it threatens everybody which lives in fear to be incarcerated, serious danger. Now I want to speak, part for part, of the arms. If a suffering strikes the upper arms, they mean grief, – these are the forearms, they thwart the transactions which one just wants to process, and rob us the assistant. I heard once from an expert an interpretation which makes sense to me because she, as I ascertained, to the dream fulfilments corresponds. Should my representation not persuade somebody, the person concerned may make a verse to himself from it. Now it means how that explained, the right hand that what one only acquires that cons on the already acquired, – then the rights is active in grabbing, the left is put on more on preserving. There is an old differentiation which meets the true and is as follows: The right hand calls the son, the father, the friend and that from whom we are in habit to say in the colloquial language in the figurative sense: ‘It is his right hand!’, – the left one means the wife, the mother, the sister, the daughter. If somebody dreams now, he has lost a hand, he will lose one of the people who are called by them. In general both hands mean together the crafts, manuscripts and speeches, – the crafts because these are exercised by means of the hands, manuscripts because these are called par excellence ‘the hands’ (cheir meant hand as well as manuscript, signature = cheirographon), talking because one gesticulates during the talking. An Allkämpfer which wanted to deny in the Olympic plays the ring like the Allkampf dreamt, his both arms would have become gold. He gained the victory wreath in no competition, – then he should have stiff and immobile arms as if they were of gold.


The arm symbolises your ability to express all your feelings, thoughts and needs, to realise this or to destroy also.



  • The upper arms with her muscles mean the brother or the uppermost and best farm-hand.
  • Dreaming somebody, his arms have grown tired, have broken or cools off…, it is the right arm, becomes the misfortune even greater his…, – in all his wishes disappointed, he will lose the brother or the uppermost and best farm-hand.

he will shake off

  • cured he the arms successfully, fast suffering and loads.
  • Dreaming to one that his arms have become stronger and stronger becomes he in all what he expects and is desired, strength and success have.

he will increase

  • Being in his arms of more hair grown than before, his possession, – a pauper will become rich.
  • to big or strong ones have: indicates at a lot of work,
  • to small ones have: Poverty,
  • grew hairs arms: you will deal it with thoughtless opponents,
  • spreads out somebody the arms for: one should not be reserved and opportunities which arise to one use,
  • on the right side is absent: a death of close relatives,
  • on the left side is absent: Death of a distant relative,
  • lift: It is getting better for you. Do not leave after in the zeal!
  • lower: You must wait for your time. Nothing rush.
  • break: Need and danger in view, – one should watch out for disputes within the family, – warning for thoughtless action,
  • carry armlet: The biggest care and devotion to duty is offered.

(European ones).:

  • see his own: heavy work,
  • of special size: heavy times, heavy work,
  • strong and strong arms: Power, honour and health,
  • small one have: Jollity,
  • weak: if illness of brother or sister registers,
  • long: heavy forthcoming work,
  • short ones: Warning before a plan for what maybe the means will not be sufficient,
  • raise: the relations are not free of foreign influence,
  • bared: Profit, finding, inheritance, income,
  • break one: your activity changes, – thoughtless actions, – disagreement, – quarrel and quarrel in the family,
  • broken ones: Loss, danger, menace,
  • to stiff ones have: Capital loss on account of bad health,
  • lose: a death in the family,
  • amputated: if means separation and separation, – must take before deceptions and deception in eight,
  • have only one: one suffers from tantalising inhibitions,
  • grows hairs: Win in the lottery, are capable in view,
  • somebody spreads out his arms for you: good opportunities arise which one should use, possibly a friend to one reaches under the arms.


  • The upper arms with her muscles mean the brother or adult son.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his arms have become bigger and stronger, points to his power which will still gain strength in the fight against his opponents, – he has a son or brother, he will experience in them the joy which he wished. An easy man will be proud also of his son or brother and come to property.

If a woman dreams of it, it prophesies luck to her man.

  • Seeming it the emperor that his arms feebly, limpy or have broken his war people will lack Mark and strength, or will come illness and evil, as said, about son or brother, – also it will go out to a man from the people: Illness, plague and poverty will meet his brother or son, – a woman will renounce from her man or become even a widow.

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