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The arms symbolize the struggle with daily chores and difficulties. When interpreting this sign, special attention should be paid to the appearance of the shoulders. It is crucial.

Arm : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

When you see your own arm in a dream, it is a sign that a lot of hard work is ahead of you.


When you see someone’s arm, it foreshadows that your situation will soon improve significantly, and it will stay that way.

An arm of unprecedented size appearing in your dream portends for you hard work that you will have to do in the near future.

When you dream that you have a small arm, it is a sign that you are taking part in some entertainment or fun.

If you raise your arm in a dream, it is a sign that when you are awake, people have a strong influence on you, including contacts with other people.

A heavily hairy arm signals that you have a chance to gain great wealth.

A dirty arm is a sign of scarcity for you.


When you dream that you have broken your arm, it is a harbinger of disagreement in your surroundings.

What does it mean when you dream about Arm?

Arm dream dictionary
Arm – Dream Symbol Interpretation

To see your arms in your dream indicates that you’re a responsible individual who cares for others’ safety. At the same time, this dream also indicates the struggles and challenges exist in your waking life.

To dream of an injured arm means that you can’t adequately care for yourself or possibly suggests your feeling of helplessness in reaching out to others.

To dream of seeing one’s arm amputated foretells that the person may be facing a separation or a divorce.

To have an arm broken suggests that your ability to hold onto something has been infringed.

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