Applause dream dictionary


Applause dream dictionary

Applause – Dream Symbol Interpretation

A symbol for the fear of refusal, one can stand no criticism would like to be liked everywhere and be central with pleasure more. With frequent applause dreams it stands not especially good the self-confidence. One needs confirmation like the air to the life. He can also mean approval for a plan which lies in the floating. Flatterers with her applause on a wrong rail sometimes also, however, want to lure us, ‘serve’ us with bad advice.



  • find, receive: watch out for invitations, – you are too gullibly compared with good words, one does not mean it honestly,
  • make a donation: one tries to win you,
  • give: you have to expect happy hours,


  • Every kind of applause in the dream registers that you are surrounded by envy and/or jealousy which you can meet, however, with some attention and skill. At the same time the sign means, one should pay attention less to what other about one think, because, otherwise, one loses his real luck easily out of sight. It is important to go on his way not to let unnerve other though mitzuber├╝cksichtigen, however, from them.

(European ones).:

  • an expected recognition is missing, – with the help of one will not be able to count, – one will have to master a strenuous thing alone what will be connected with a lot of work.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Applause

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