Applause is a symbol of publicity, vital energy and expressive life.

Try to be a motivator for others to act and not to live in constant oppression and you will certainly be appreciated.


Applause : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

when you hear applause – it is a sign that you are looking for fame and recognition everywhere

being applauded – should make the dreamer try to praise others more and show his appreciation more often

double applause – a sign that you will show your grace to the person who will become your friend in the future

if you have not received applause – although you see yourself as a very warm person, you have the impression that others perceive you as a cold being

joy of applause – heralds that in certain circles you will become very popular.

What does it mean when you dream about Applause

What does it mean when you dream about Applause

Applause in your dream may mean the end of health problems which, although not very serious, have long bugged you for a long time and forced you to give up on your plans.


Applause is the announcement of the end of the fight against migraine, a headache that has made your life very difficult so far.

It is a symbol of fear of criticism and a signal that you would like to be popular and the center of attention.

The perversity of this dream indicates that in times of commercialization of every aspect of our life we ​​should defend at least the basic conditions of truth about ourselves.

It can also be a sign of separation from a friend, which will result from many misunderstandings and differences that both of you cannot ignore, especially him. Only such a natural friction of contradictions triggers our development and builds our personality.

It is thanks to dreams such as this that our subconsciousness expresses support for our attitude and tries to speed us through such dreams on the way to the unity of our own nature.

Applause can be equated with approval and support. If you pay for the applause, it means you are trying to win. In a dreamlike reality, however, what we see is not always what we think it is.

Being recognized in dreams is never a good omen, and it is usually a subconscious call to be alert to any betrayal, jealousy, or hypocrisy from those who cheer you on while you sleep.

Even if you make an effort to restore your good old situation, you probably won’t be able to rebuild your relationship because it’s simply too late.


However, applause can also signify your consent to something. Applause in our dream symbolizes the visual identification that a person of the opposite sex arouses in us.

However, only the ability to get to know oneself allows us to unleash the full potential of our being and lead to the unification of all its parts into one whole.

If this motive is related to your loved ones, that is, they applaud some of your decisions or attitudes, you must read this dream the other way around, because it means that you will not be able to get their approval of the plans you intend to implement. when both the mechanisms of adaptation to the community and the mechanisms of striving for separateness and independence make themselves felt.

On the other hand, if we see ourselves cheering or cheering on others, it is often a warning against inappropriate behavior on the part of the dreamer himself, which can cause a person who is cheered in a dream to lose confidence in their own actions and even turn against us.

The dream that we are recognized, applauded or cheered is often a symbol of vanity and a warning against negative attitudes and actions that our enemies or competitors may benefit from.

In grandma’s dream book, when you dream that you did not receive the expected applause, it portends that you will not achieve anything without the help of others and you will have to try very hard and put a lot of effort into the action. The cognitive structures of our self are formed in those situations of social life when we are under tension.

In the Arabic dream book, if you received applause in a dream, it is a signal to consider invitations and apparent courtesies, because people are not honest with you.

Thanks to the use of expressive symbolism and colors, such a dream shows us that not everything that glitters is gold. If you have a lot of applause in your dreams, it shows your low self-confidence and that you need to constantly reaffirm your worth.


Clapping flatterers can mean that someone is trying to lure you into a trap, for example by giving you bad advice. When you applaud in a dream, it’s a signal to wait for a better time.

All the symbolism used by our subconscious mind allows us to build positive relationships with someone who attracts our attention with their appearance and behavior.

To be applauded

try to praise others more and show them recognition, try to be a motivator.

Hear the applause

you are looking for publicity and recognition, someone will unexpectedly support you in your plans.


Applause dream dictionary
Applause – Dream Symbol Interpretation

A symbol for the fear of refusal, one can stand no criticism would like to be liked everywhere and be central with pleasure more. With frequent applause dreams it stands not especially good the self-confidence. One needs confirmation like the air to the life. He can also mean approval for a plan which lies in the floating. Flatterers with her applause on a wrong rail sometimes also, however, want to lure us, ‘serve’ us with bad advice.



  • find, receive: watch out for invitations, – you are too gullibly compared with good words, one does not mean it honestly,
  • make a donation: one tries to win you,
  • give: you have to expect happy hours,


  • Every kind of applause in the dream registers that you are surrounded by envy and/or jealousy which you can meet, however, with some attention and skill. At the same time the sign means, one should pay attention less to what other about one think, because, otherwise, one loses his real luck easily out of sight. It is important to go on his way not to let unnerve other though mitzuberücksichtigen, however, from them.

(European ones).:

  • an expected recognition is missing, – with the help of one will not be able to count, – one will have to master a strenuous thing alone what will be connected with a lot of work.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Applause

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