anus dream


The dream could be a representation of one’s own vulnerability and exposure, or a symbol of release and letting go. It is important to keep in mind that the meaning of a dream is highly subjective and can vary greatly based on an individual’s personal experiences, beliefs, and emotions.

Anus dream meaning

The anus is a symbol with erotic-sexual significance referring to one’s own primitive instincts. It symbolizes guilt, shame and indicates low self-esteem. It can be associated with generosity or stinginess.


It also represents an exhortation to loosen up, as an overly rigid and uptight attitude can contribute to many conflicts with the environment.

  • see – you will lose the respect of those around you through a bad advisor
  • woman – you will experience a big surprise
  • man – someone will cause you a lot of unpleasantness
  • own – through one false move people will point fingers at you
  • show someone – you will cover yourself with disgrace, which will be hard to erase
  • child – you will free yourself from worries
  • have an ill – you will not be able to close a certain matter to the end because of which you will struggle with many conflicts.

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