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A dream about ambition foretells that you will experience many disappointments in your life along the way before you achieve your goal. Ambition is also a symbol of readiness to take certain actions in life, as well as human dignity and honor.

  • if you have ambition – usually the dream warns you to be vigilant in life because some schemers may try to sway us far in the field
  • if you have no ambition in life – a plan to constantly rock the boat will not pay off for you
  • too excessive ambitions – don’t let yourself be carried away by black thoughts, because what you have already lost will never return
  • if you dream about the ambitions of someone else – you will convince everyone that your stubbornness in a certain matter works only to your advantage
  • unfulfilled ambitions – this is a sign that the pursuit of perfection will become your crutch, you may lose the respect and esteem of your surroundings because of them.
ambition dream meaning

Dream ambition

Exaggerated ambition (or even greed), on the other hand, is never a good sign and almost always heralds the arrival of disappointments, obstacles and setbacks that will be difficult to overcome.


This symbol, which usually appears in a dream as a model of a certain behavior, signals that you have a problem with excessive zeal in fulfilling your tasks, and even those that no one expects you to perform.

The dream can be a sign to us that the pursuit of our own plans and intentions should be in harmony with the environment.

If in a dream our ambition is so great that it causes suffering, it is a strong warning that our current plans must be changed, otherwise they may lead to ruin. Ambition in our dreams occurs in the form of specific behaviors. Therefore, the key to determining what is really at stake is the entire content of the dream.

However, we should not let ourselves be blinded by sick ambition without consideration, because then we will stand on the edge of a precipice, where every next step ends fatally. Showing considerable ambition in a dream is associated with a strong desire to achieve some goal in life.

As in life, so in a dream your ambition should be constructive and push you forward. In general, honest and reasonable ambition experienced by the dreamer or someone else is usually a good omen foretelling favorable investments and success. Then it is a warning to stop such behavior, otherwise it will lead you to nothing but serious problems, especially since you are more likely to face failures and disappointments than any successes.

It is interpreted as a manifestation of zeal and an exaggerated desire for advancement, and sometimes ruthless selfishness. Such a course of action should be rethought, as it can only cause us trouble. Such dreams are in many cases difficult to describe, because they speak of emotions or behavior.


It may also be that you are very keen on advancement, not necessarily on professional grounds, but, for example, on social grounds, and in this pursuit you show great ruthlessness and sometimes extreme selfishness. Sometimes it emphasizes our selfishness and disrespectful attitude to those around us.

Meaning of the dream ambition


symbolizes selfishness, warns against focusing solely on yourself, as this can lead to disappointment and loss of hope on the way to the set goal.

You are ambitious

you dream of success and recognition, but you want to achieve them with the least effort, strong pursuit of goals, sometimes at the expense of others.

Excessive ambition

means that you only set your sights on the goal in your life, without considering the sacrifices you face along the way.


Ambition dream dictionary

Ambition – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Ambition appears in dreams mostly in the form of certain behaviour patterns in which one recognises him. Our dreams treat the ambition often as a symbolic reflexion of our striving. They show us in the accompanying circumstances the way how we achieve our aims. He becomes as a symbol for assiduousness and Strebertum, sometimes also for a certain selfish recklessness interpreted, – this behaviour one should put away again because it leads only to problems. However, he can also goad in the dream to want to dissuade even higher out or to us of unrealistic sighting.



(European ones).:

  • one will experience as a grind disappointments.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ambition

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