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Amber appearing in dreams is a symbol of solar, spiritual and divine attention, as well as courage, fertility and healing.

Due to its color, warmth and certain properties, amber has long been considered a magical symbol. It is said to increase physical vitality and cure disease, and amber amulets are often used to ward off evil spells. It also represents moments of joy that you have missed in your life through no fault of your own.

  • If you see an amber in a dream, then it means that you will begin to enjoy forbidden pleasures.
  • The sight of a fish, frog or rabbit made of amber in a dream foretells the birth of numerous offspring in a very happy household.
  • A necklace made of amber is a sign that you will meet a man who will help you make the right choice in life.
  • Amber color in a dream means that a certain event will wing you, you will feel a surge of confidence and extra motivation to act.
  • An insect sunk in amber represents a problem or an unpleasant situation that you wish to push out of your memory, and which will never happen again.
  • The amber stone in dreams alludes to the healing properties it possesses, it represents a prediction of healing from illness.
  • If you find amber in a dream, your dreams and ambitions will make the future brighter for you, you will also start making the right choices in life.
  • A dream about a cracked amber means that you feel internally torn between two issues and are still wondering what choice to make. Don’t worry, as the solution will soon come on its own.
amber dream symbol

Dream about amber

This symbol signifies the most fundamental aspect of your life and well-being, as well as perseverance, wisdom and healing.

It can foretell that soon there will be a happy event in your life, which you will ruin yourself – this dream is a warning to you not to do it.

Dream meaning amber

When you see an amber in your dream, it may mean that you will have to endure an extremely difficult and agonizing time for you.

If in your dream you see an insect submerged in amber, it is a sign that you will have to deal with a troublesome situation. Take comfort, however, that once you get over it. Something like this will not happen to you again soon.

When you see an amber-colored object in your dream, that some event in your life, a minor success will wing you, give you faith, strength and motivation for why to act.

Dreambook meaning of the dream BURSHINE in other Dreambooks:


Mystic Dreambook:

When you buy an amber in your dream, it means that you will soon receive some valuable gift that will make you very happy.

If you find it on the beach, it augurs unexpected luck for you.

An amber with an insect sunk inside it indicates your bright and creative thinking about the future.

Arabic Dreambook:

When you see an amber in your dream, it foretells that you will be gifted with something.

If you dream that you found an amber, it foretells unexpected good fortune.


Amber dream dictionary

Amber – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Key words: Prehistoric, – restorative, – longevity, – perseverance, – healing, – firmness, – strength, – western soul path. Description: Amber is an amorphous mixture of fossil resins of conifers from prehistoric time and calls in the medicine wheel the internal position of the western soul path which is associated with the strength. Dragonflies and other insects are sometimes completely received than inclusions in this mineral which can vary in colour from Nearly colorless about Yellow to brown. From the amber one says, it is the oldest stone which was processed to jewellery. There is a soft, non-fossil amber resin which served earlier than scent and is used today in the modern aromatic therapy. General meaning: The most primary aspect of your life and your being, – the original spring of a situation. Association: – Transcendent meaning: A gift of the perseverance, – old wisdom, – healing.



It is the jewellery of the old time and symbol for permanence. Amber stands for a happy event which one will ruin, admittedly, from own guilt soon again, – if one follows this warning on time, this can be still prevented maybe.


Rings from amber are only to women of use. From amber to see made gods or their statues indicate something good.



  • see: you receive presents,
  • find: unexpected luck.

(European ones).:

  • or objects from amber see, own or give away: if good health registers, – one will get a present, – also: Warning of the pride which will turn out barrier between you and a beloved person – conflicts with the partner allow to see I only with the help of a third solve.


  • you has big luck in all, but you do not know to hold it.

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