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A symbol of erotic femininity. In the traditional interpretation the bitter almond is valid as a tip to a disappointment, the sweet almond promises success, recognition and is a luck symbol.


Almonds, nuts, the so-called hazelnuts and everything what is cracked mean excitement and because of the noise because they are bitter from nature, griefs. I know a distinguished Greek to whom it dreamt, he gets from somebody a nut, and when he awoke from the sleep, he held them really in the hand. It turned out that a lot of evil broke upon him and he lost, finally, his civil rights.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Almond



  • eat: does not leave you of the Feinschmeckerei,
  • cores: you lead a well-to-do bride home.


  • Who sees one or several almonds in the dream, a time of the grief has before itself. If one eats almonds with pleasure, open these times of passing luck. If they taste bitterly, danger threatens during the next days. Above all in dear problems care is offered. The sign expresses a certain discontent in the erotic area. (Child)

(European ones).:

    future friends mean

  • , also one should master the curiosity, – the good health which is accompanied, however, by funereal phases,
  • sweetens eat: if recognition by others or profit promises thanks to his friends,
  • bitter ones eat: bring frustration and are valid for disappointments in the circle of friends or circle of acquaintances and illnesses, – a departure to new shores is inevitable.


  • eat: do not worry, everything becomes good again.

Almond - dream interpretation and meaning
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