Dream meaning amazement

If you are in a dream amazed dream indicates a negative turn of events. What you have planned will not come to pass.

When you amaze someone in a dream, the dream suggests that you will show your other face. The symbol may mean that someone will be disappointed in you.


When you hide your amazement in a dream, it augurs that you will enjoy someone’s misfortune.

Meaning of the dream DEVIL in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Grandma’s Dreambook:

If you dream that you feel bewilderment, it foretells temptations hard to resist for you, but you should definitely reject them.

Arabic Dreambook:

This dream foretells that something will surprise you.

Indian Dreambook:


In the Indian Dreambook, astonishment means that you will be jealous of the successes of others.

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Amazement – Dream Symbol Interpretation


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Amazement

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