The Alps in a dream testify to the dreamer’s high aspirations, essentially signifying the need to climb higher in life than one currently is. In general, they are a positive symbol that augurs blissful relaxation and happiness from nature.

Mountains are associated with the love life, pushing the dreamer to undertake great ventures, which usually end in success.


Alps Dream Meaning

  • If you dream that you are in the Alps, then you are pursuing your ambitions with great difficulty, and it is not without dangerous situations.
  • When you dream about Alpine peaks it is a sign that you will meet a person who has been waiting for you for a long time, perhaps it is about a partnership arrangement.
  • Skiing in the Alps in a dream testifies to the expectation of the appearance of a new love or the rekindling of the spark in a current relationship. Perhaps you will experience true love that will last a lifetime. The dream may also signify a longing for a happy past.
  • If you are in a dream in the Alps it is a sign that your financial situation will improve, you will be able to count on an additional source of income, which in time will begin to give you satisfaction. The sight of the Alps heralds a long and happy life.
  • A dream about a hike in the Alps foreshadows luck in professional matters and projects undertaken.
  • Alpine flowers in a dream foretell that you will expand your horizons in life anew, perhaps it will be travel.
  • If you dream about the aurora borealis of the Alps it is an expression of longing for experiences full of delight, perhaps you will soon watch the seeds of love grow, which you yourself have sown.
  • Snow in the Alps in your dream is a sign that you will finally appreciate the small things that will begin to make you happy, only positive thinking can make you successful.

Dream about the Alps

When you see them in your dream, it is a sign that a healthy and long life awaits you. You will be happy and have nothing to worry about your future.

If you are hiking through the Alps in your dream, it means that you will have a lot of luck and success in your work, and thanks to great effort you may soon achieve the promotion you dream of.

If you admire them in your dream, it means that great opportunities are ahead of you.

When in your dream you are in them, it augurs an improvement in your financial situation.

When you go to the Alps in your dream, it indicates that an adventure of a lifetime awaits you. Prepare well for it.

If you see alpine flowers in your dream, it’s a sign that you’ll have a lot of luck at work and it’s possible that you’ll soon be promoted. It can also mean that you will manage to broaden your spiritual horizons and you will notice favorable changes in your thinking.


If the aurora borealis appears in your dream, it’s a sign that you will long for a simple, trouble-free life.

Meaning of the dream ALPY in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

When in your dream you dream of going to the Alps, it is a sign that you will spend a nice weekend with friends.

If in your dream you are in the Alps, it is a sign that your financial situation will improve a lot.

Dream about Alps

The Alps usually symbolize a long life of health and happiness. When in a dream you are among these mountains, it heralds for you an improvement in your financial situation, but it is not clear exactly how this will happen whether you will gain an additional source of income, or perhaps unexpectedly become the successor of some inheritance.

Therefore, they became a secret book of nature, through which you could reach the Absolute.

Wandering through the mountains foretells success in the professional field, but it is more about a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace and maintaining good relations with co-workers than tangible financial benefits or climbing the career ladder.

Seen in a dream, they foreshadow a long life and signal that you will enjoy excellent health, both physical and mental, for almost the entire duration of it.

In dreams, the sight of mountains evokes awe and a feeling of one’s own smallness, while at the same time elevating the spirit. It is the symbolism of high mountains and especially fascinating are the snow-capped mountain peaks hidden in the fog, which, being closer to the sky, become a sphere between God and man, a path connecting the earthly world with the supra-sensory world.


It is possible that you will become interested in philosophy.

The heights of the Alps, from which we observe our surroundings, their immutability and majesty, allow us to look at our own inner life from a distance, dominated by the struggle of violent passions, desires and feelings, dominated by the struggle for the riches of the body rather than the spirit.

A dream about the Alps testifies to hidden distant desires that are high above us. For many people, the distant high mountains that are the Alps have become a place to search for hidden depths and a source of inspiration, and it’s not surprising that this is also reflected in dreams, as they are a symbol of something sublime, supernatural, divine.

The aurora borealis, on the other hand, reflects the longing you have, subconsciously or fully consciously, on waking, for some interesting or even thrill-inducing experience. The Alps, as the highest mountains in Europe, are a symbol of the Transcendence of Man, originally signifying the hills from which God descended to earth.

If you see alpine flowers, it means that you will manage to enrich the spiritual side of your personality in some way, and most likely you will discover completely new, unknown horizons of thought.

Meaning of the dream Alps

Alpine flowers

spiritual development, expanding your horizons, exploring philosophy, you will expand your horizons in life, broadening your spiritual horizons.

Alpine aurora


expression of longing for something passionate and full of delight, longing for an experience full of delight, longing for a delightful experience.

To be in the alps

better financial situation, material stability, your financial situation will improve.

To see the alps

announcement of a long life, long and happy life, health and long life.

To hike in the alps

satisfaction at work, happiness at work.

To admire the alps


great opportunities ahead of you.

To go to the alps

the adventure of life awaits you.

Alpine dream dictionary

Alpine – Dream Symbol Interpretation

  • you do not take the love very exactly.

(European ones).:

  • you will lead a free life.

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