alliance dream symbol


When this motif appears in a dream, it generally foretells hardship and some kind of discomfort.

Sometimes dreams about forming alliances with hostile people are also interpreted as a symbol of responsibility and maturity of the dreamer.


Dream meaning alliance

So such dream dreams signify life wisdom and the desire to build long-term relationships.

When in a dream you make an alliance with someone, it is a sign that you should look for allies in some matter. Such a dream can also warn of a false friend.

On the other hand, if you break an alliance with someone, such a dream foretells worry and stress.

An alliance in a dream is also considered synonymous with a close relationship (like marriage or a permanent relationship). In this context, the formation of an alliance can indicate the appearance in your life of someone new, and its breakup arguments, problems and, ultimately, the end of the relationship.

alliance dream meaning

You will make an attempt to find loyal comrades who will unanimously support your opinion.

  • form an alliance with someone – you will share your thoughts with a certain person but in time you will consider it a big mistake
  • make an alliance during a conflict – you will meet false friends on your way
  • break – someone will try to draw you into a conspiracy.
Alliance dream dictionary

Alliance – Dream Symbol Interpretation

  • straw: Toils and discomfort.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Alliance

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