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In a dream, alimony is a warning against embarking on the wrong path in life and against apparent happiness, which can only bring the dreamer dilemmas and sorrows alone.

Dream meaning Alimony

Alimony is a sign of taking shortcuts resulting from bad decisions, it can also augur financial losses. It is important not to be provoked by random people, whose theses and assumptions can contribute to wasting many unique opportunities in life.

  • If in a dream you were awarded alimony is a sign that there may be financial problems caused by a number of wrong decisions or ill-advised investments.
  • If in a dream you are awarded alimony from a parent, then your worries will become less in time, alternatively, the dream means a happy way out of a difficult situation.
  • When you see alimony in your bank account, it suggests that you should stop in life, because sooner or later you will surely burn out
  • When you dream that you are paying alimony it may suggest that you will pay for your deeds or past mistakes.
  • Collecting alimony in a dream foreshadows an end to the worries in your life that you have been struggling with for some time.
  • A dream about high alimony is a sign that you should take better care of your relationship with your partner, perhaps your bond has weakened a bit, so to shore up your relationship it will be worth thinking about some variety.
alimony dream meaning

Dream alimony

Alimony taken as a pledge trouble with the law, a case in court. In some situations, however, such a dream can be a favorable sign for us.

Paying alimony can mean misunderstandings with a woman, as well as fear of entering into a responsible relationship. It is also important that the responsibility for the whole family should be felt for before you set it up, for this you need to mature, and not count on the fact that somehow it will happen, that we will learn. Then, and only then, if something goes wrong for you, you will return to a place where you want to live, and not to the hell you created yourself.

Alimony is a symbol of your responsibility for your actions. And when you yourself receive alimony from someone, it heralds an improvement in your current situation and is a sign that soon all your worries and problems will be greatly reduced.

Alimony taken as a pledge heralds you unpleasantness from the government authorities, so it is possible that for some reason you will be held responsible.

When you dream that you were forced to pay alimony to someone, unfortunately, this is not the best sign for you, because it means that some unspecified but great unpleasantness awaits you in the near future.

To pay alimony warns of a planned venture and its bad consequences. Work is work and home is home. It symbolizes your problems which you bring home with you. However, their overtones in your dream have symbolically a different more emotional meaning. It is certain that despite your efforts, you will not be able to protect yourself from them. Leave your irritation and troubles behind the threshold of your home, take care of its good atmosphere.


You need to attach to the needs and problems of your loved ones first and only at the very end take care of yourself, and the dreams of alimony will stop bothering you. Alimony is a warning against imprudent actions that can have serious consequences. To receive alimony release from most worries.

dream about alimony

The meaning of the dream alimony

High alimony

if in a dream you pay high alimony is a harbinger of the coming of financial troubles, while if you receive high alimony means that your situation will improve, financial crisis.

To receive from a parent

your worries will become less with time, alternatively the dream means a happy way out of a difficult situation.

Arrears in paying alimony

beware of duplicity, there are false people among your friends, someone is digging holes under you.

Pay alimony

expect great unpleasantness in the near future, great unpleasantness.

Receive alimony

soon will come moments of joy and happiness in the family, smaller worries.

Taken as a pledge

unpleasantness from the authorities.

Alimony dream dictionary

Alimony – Dream Symbol Interpretation

To dream about paying alimony means that your past behavior has caught up with you.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Alimony

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