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This tree in your dream announces to you the arrival of good times. The success that will soon be yours is coming in a big way.

Dream meaning alder tree

A dream in which an alder tree appears heralds an imminent improvement in our mood, behind which will be some very good news.


In folk beliefs, alder is considered a tree of spirits and phenomena around which elves, fairies, mermaids and swamp spirits live. Alder is a tree that lives between the mainland and the waters.

Its energy soothes the agitated mind, relieves mental work, unblocks the body from various emotional blockages.

That’s why when it appears in our dreams it can be a sign that it’s time to take care of spirituality, as our morals may have suffered from our constant striving for success.

alder dream

Dream about alder

Alder in a dream is a positive sign, heralding joy and happiness under the dreamer’s roof. Most of the ventures you are about to embark on will be successfully completed. The alder tree is a symbol of family ties, it also foreshadows a meeting with a distant relative who will soon bring happy news.

The sight of an alder tree in a dream heralds the arrival of good times, your mood will be greatly improved by the news you are about to receive.

When you dream of a withered or dead alder tree, it is a sign that you will be plunged into grief over the loss of a loved one.


When you cut down an alder tree in a dream, then you can expect unpleasant perturbations in your life related to spiritual life.

Alder in dreams is considered a tree that has historically been associated with several deities. It symbolizes spiritual release, trust, determination and protection. It is a tree that grows on the border of land and water, gives positive energy and brings solace and relaxation to mental work.

Alder dream dictionary

Alder – Dream Symbol interpretation

  • tree in the riverside: announces good times.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Alder

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