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The albatross is absolutely no very frequent dream symbol. Nevertheless, he should not remain unmentioned one. The bird albatross belongs unambiguously to the luck symbols. He announces an improvement of the situation and brings glad customer. The interpretation, this symbol comes from the navigation where the appearance of the albatross meant a good omen for the sailors. To kill an albatross brings misfortune, on the other hand, this bird has a huge wingspan and flies high, can stand for freedom.



  • Always an advantageous symbol: Good news is on the way of, news which supplies the life of a sudden improvement. The more clearly the bird is seen in the dream and the closer he comes to the dreaming, the news to be expected is the better.
  • Recognising one in the dream, nevertheless, a dead albatross, so one has missed a big chance, a good opportunity allow to pass. (Man

+ / woman +)

Dream interpretation and meaning : Albatross

(European ones).:

  • acquaintance with a stranger who delivers good news.

Albatross - dream interpretation and meaning
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