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This bird in a dream is a harbinger of some good news that you will learn from a person you don’t know yet and are yet to make acquaintance with, or you met them very recently.

Albatross dream meaning

It can also be a harbinger that you will soon be able to overcome the obstacles that have so far piled up in your way and the adversity that has prevented you from achieving your long-dreamed-of goal.


Albatros promises that the logs will finally stop appearing under your feet and you will finally have a chance to finish the case you care so much about. Now it’s up to you whether you will finish it in a successful way for yourself, but this symbol means that most likely you will.

And when in your dream you see an albatross in flight, it foretells an inevitable change in your life situation in favor of you, and the good news is that this change will probably happen all by itself, so you won’t have to make any efforts to help fate.

albatross dream meaning

Dream about albatross

Dream albatross. With their ability to fly, they also represent recovery, peace and balance.

For people working at sea, this bird has happy symbolism. When flying, it can develop great speed without moving its wings, using only air currents, giving it the ability, rare among birds, to fall asleep in flight and travel while sleeping.

The albatross was a good omen for sailors, and it has the same meaning as a dream symbol foretelling improvement, contentment and happiness. Albatross is a bird that lives on the coasts. Albatross is a large seabird with long, narrow wings, in dream reality it is a sign that news from far away will soon come to us.

Albatross is a sign that the dreaming person will overcome all obstacles and adversity to finally achieve the desired goal. It was looked out for by sailors, because the appearance of such a bird foretold the appearance of land soon. In mysticism, it is a symbol of astral travel.


It was believed that the souls of sunken sailors reincarnated in the bodies of albatrosses so that they could complete their earthly journey to the world of the gods. A dream about an albatross usually indicates an opportunity to help loved ones or relatives who need our help. In general, a dream about an albatross is usually a symbol of good luck.

An albatross flying over the coast is often a warning to be prudent in financial matters. This miracle of nature was cherished especially by ancient sailors, seeing in it an auspicious sign, a harbinger of good tidings and gracious weather, and a guide and embodiment of soul and spiritual freedom.

The albatross, a bird of distant travel and longing, is the king of migratory birds. Birds, including the albatross, are usually a symbol of freedom and spirituality. They also often signify a desire to improve and get rid of aspects of our lives that are unimportant to us.

dream about albatross

The meaning of the dream albatross

To see an albatross

happiness and good fortune, you will get unexpected positive news or gain new friendships, a newly met person will give you favorable news.

Kill an albatross

bad luck and misfortune, you will suffer financial losses, live in poverty and sadness.

Albatross in flight


positive change in life situation.

Albatross dream dictionary

Albatross – Dream symbol interpretation

The albatross is absolutely no very frequent dream symbol. Nevertheless, he should not remain unmentioned one. The bird albatross belongs unambiguously to the luck symbols. He announces an improvement of the situation and brings glad customer. The interpretation, this symbol comes from the navigation where the appearance of the albatross meant a good omen for the sailors. To kill an albatross brings misfortune, on the other hand, this bird has a huge wingspan and flies high, can stand for freedom.



  • Always an advantageous symbol: Good news is on the way of, news which supplies the life of a sudden improvement. The more clearly the bird is seen in the dream and the closer he comes to the dreaming, the news to be expected is the better.
  • Recognising one in the dream, nevertheless, a dead albatross, so one has missed a big chance, a good opportunity allow to pass. (Man

+ / woman +)

(European ones).:

  • acquaintance with a stranger who delivers good news.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Albatross

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