Alabaster dream dictionary


Alabaster dream dictionary

Alabaster – Dream Symbol interpretation

Key words: Give way, – hard, – pliable, – foundation stone, – paradox, – gift, – Waboose, northern guardian of the mind. Description: Alabaster, the mineral which is associated with the north and with Waboose, the northern guardian of the mind, – exists as very hard ones as well as as a very soft gypsum kind in the tones white or Colorless to brown. Soft alabaster has been processed by many people close to the earth, while hard alabaster found use above all with the construction. General meaning: According to the paradoxical nature of Waboose alabaster can mean that you live through either, a very pliable one or a very unbending phase. Structure to you the state and the use of the stone consciously to attain bigger clarity. Association: – Transcendent meaning: A help to discover the softness which is the true key to your strength. A help to preserve you from too big immobility.


(European ones).:

  • announces a present, – success in all juridical matters,
  • break object of alabaster: Grief and remorse,
  • loses a young woman an alabaster container with incense: Loss of the lover or the property because she does not pay attention to her good call.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Alabaster

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