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The author symbolizes a creative personality that often lives in isolation from reality. It usually symbolizes creativity, energy and the pursuit of a set goal in life. Sleep can also be a call to get to know yourself better. Seeing the author of a work shows our jealousy, or a temporary feeling of lack of something. If we are the authors of a work, then in the near future we may have reasons to be proud and pleased. One author appearing in your dream announces that you will never achieve what you want. When you dream that you are an author and your manuscript has been rejected by the publisher, it means that initially there will be doubts about your work, but ultimately the result will be positive. When in a dream you are an author working on a text, it is a signal for you to think more about yourself. It can also mean that you want to create and reflect on a literary work. If you dream that you are a great author, it portends you unexpected pleasures. This motif in a dream of people planning a wedding portends happiness in the family. When you are the author of a song in a dream, it means that everything good will happen in your life now, you owe solely to yourself. You can be proud of yourself. If you are the author of a book or comic in a dream, it is a sign that you will manage to sort out all your affairs. If you are the author of some idea, it means that luck will soon smile on you. You will find an alternative source of income. If you see the author in a dream or talk to him, this portends you suffering. If you dream of an author and see his character, it means that you will face a difficult period in your life, mainly manifested by a difficult financial situation, and you will have to save a lot. If you are in his close company, it is a harbinger that your hopes will be unfulfilled and that you may face poverty as a result. A conversation with the author foreshadows minor and insignificant quarrels with friends that, fortunately, will in no way affect your contacts in the long run. The author, seen through the eyes of the subconscious, in our dreams, encourages us to take matters into our own hands. It is the dream author who makes you realize who makes decisions about your life. Human beings have a deeply ingrained desire to exist, to live in its most perfect fullness. Life for us is an eternal search for the expression of our own abilities and abilities, manifested in all activities available to us, creating various relationships with other people, the environment and broadly understood nature, all in order to open the door to the prison cell of your mind. The author in a dreamlike reality represents responsibility for himself. He calls to live according to your own convictions, because to live truly is also to share the acquired knowledge with those who are still looking for it, and it is best for them to feel that they have discovered their own way, knowledge and wisdom. In the universal message, the author indicates the desire to consciously exist, to spread around the world what is most valuable in the present, so that what is sown today will benefit future generations. The author in dreams represents consciousness or self-awareness, often someone with a different view of life or things that bother you.


Be the author

you will be disappointed in your profession, express your opinions better because others pay attention to what you have to say to them, modesty, jealousy, unexpected change in your partner’s feelings, a great idea that will quickly turn into constructive action.

See the author

you are too busy with any story or work to be able to concentrate on the more distant and stages of your life means an unexpected change in the way you view certain as yet unresolved issues.

Quarrel with the author

to make the right decision, you should gather additional information on the matter, constructive arguments that will enliven the atmosphere and shed bright light on the shortcomings.


Talk to the author

You will have new responsibilities, but despite the workload, you will be satisfied with it.

Browse the author’s work

you can be proud of something or someone, meeting a person of a similar nature.

Contact with the author

you will lose time, it bodes losses for you, be careful in what you do.

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