The declining sun is not a harbinger of good days. Something you are working on will turn out to be a failure. There is a faint hope that you can handle the challenge, but it is faint.

Meaning of the dream SUNSET in other cultures and Dreambooks


Arabic Dreambook:

This motif may foretell imminent retirement.

Mystic Dreambook

A cloudy and rainy afternoon augurs disappointment and frustration, but may also indicate some promise.

A nice afternoon is a sign that you will find happiness if you are on guard against dishonest people in your close environment.

An afternoon in a woman’s dream is a sign that nothing will come out of a simulated friendship.

Afternoon dream dictionary

Afternoon – Dream Symbol Interpretation


  • you will soon be able to retire.

(European ones).:

  • cloudier and more rainy: if disappointments and frustration,
  • promise

  • nicer: one is favoured by the luck if one takes before rogue from the immediate surroundings in eight,
  • then

  • Dreaming a woman of the afternoon, will close them prolonged and stimulating friendship.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Afternoon

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