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Admiral – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The admiral is basically a multi-layered dream symbol which corresponds in some regard to the captain. He embodies a person who says one where there is langgeht and suitable tips about the course which is to be shaped to steer the ‘life ship’ successfully over the ‘sea of the life’ with his dangers with courage, talent and farsightedness. His appearance is to be valued mostly positively. It refers either to a model, a dominating father-figure or even to God and the destiny. However, he can also register in the negative authority or excessive power striving and lust for power. Moreover, the admiral shows a symbol more magisterially to male sexuality. Above all his actions in the dream are to be considered if one wishes an exact interpretation.


(European ones).:

  • announces important news from a distance, – forecasts important events.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Admiral

Admiral - dream interpretation and meaning
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