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The admiral in our dreams symbolizes successful, courageous, and fruitful traveling after evaluating your life, holding the helm of your life firmly and firmly in your hands.

Dream meaning Admiral

The admiral is a multi-layered dream symbol whose meaning is somewhat similar to that of the captain. When a woman dreams that her lover is an admiral or captain, it is often a symbol of the cares and pains caused by jealousy and competition. It is also a symbol of an attractive, colorful, and adventurous life and an announcement of new, interesting acquaintances.


You can be sure that each new person you meet will have a significant, but fortunately positive impact on your life, so you should carefully watch everyone you meet on your way because it may be the person who will change your life for the better.

The admiral dream can be a warning of a potential trade scam. Admirals and captains typically represent power and decision-making in dreams. The figure of the admiral is associated with a strong personality that exerts a strong influence on others. However, the essential thing for interpreting sleep is its actions.

What Does It Mean to Dream of an Admiral?

A dream can symbolize a brave, determined and confident person who stubbornly and resolutely pursues his plans. The dream of being an admiral or captain is usually a reflection of a feeling of complete control over your life. Most typically it means interest in your, I hope, a modest person, some important and wise person.

The admiral you see heralds some significant event for you, which you can expect soon, and if you see him among other officers, it can herald great success at work and in the emotional sphere. In a negative sense, it can only mean excessive drive and lust for the power you have.

An admiral appearing in a dream most typically means that you care a lot for people to see you as an authority and strive for power and rule over others, which obscures you with other values ​​and is certainly not good quality. Admiral is a symbol of an exciting life and an announcement of new and exciting acquaintances that will positively impact your life.

The admiral symbolizes the figure of the father or an authoritative person. It usually means all that is positive, as it denotes the dominant figure of the father, fate, and even God. If you dream that you are an admiral, you are boldly sailing the oceans of life, but controlling only yourself does not satisfy you. You have a great need to exercise power over other people, and you would even want to control them, interfering with their private sphere and influencing their decisions.


When we see an admiral fighting at sea, it is a strong warning that there is a risk of drowning. In addition, the admiral may indicate male strength and sexuality. When you additionally shake his hand (or he shakes your hand), you will soon make new, interesting acquaintances. Sometimes a dream is a sign of striving for a higher position at work, or it increases our desire for success and power. However, in its negative aspect, it can also mean an exaggerated pursuit of power, a desire to rule over others, and even despotism.

It embodies the guidance on the course that the ship of your life will follow and is a counterbalance to courage, talent, and foresight against life’s dangers.

Dream about admiral – dreams and their meaning

Be an admiral

Personifies the inner need to exercise power and control over others; you can gain trust and solve problems, and you will receive an exciting offer.

See the admiral

Portends success in love and professional affairs. Such a dream can also herald the making of new, friendly, and positive acquaintances.

Seeing the admiral in a dream

It is a positive symbol; strong, masculine, and knowledgeable. This dream heralds the arrival of important events or news.

Greet the admiral

New contacts that will significantly impact our lives expect to make new, friendly acquaintances.

Multiple admirals view

Success in feelings and professional affairs.


Meaning of Admiral in Dream

Admiral dream dictionary
Admiral – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The admiral is basically a multi-layered dream symbol which corresponds in some regard to the captain. He embodies a person who says one where there is langgeht and suitable tips about the course which is to be shaped to steer the ‘life ship’ successfully over the ‘sea of the life’ with his dangers with courage, talent and farsightedness. His appearance is to be valued mostly positively. It refers either to a model, a dominating father-figure or even to God and the destiny. However, he can also register in the negative authority or excessive power striving and lust for power. Moreover, the admiral shows a symbol more magisterially to male sexuality. Above all his actions in the dream are to be considered if one wishes an exact interpretation.

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