Accident dream interpretation


A dream about an accident means unexpected changes. It can refer to the consequences of mistakes you have made or feeling guilty about something you have done.

Dream about an accident

A dream about an accident means sudden change. It often refers to questions about yourself and your life. The dream also speaks about how you behave towards another person.


A dream about an accident means that you will become stronger. The meaning of the dream can indicate that you are going through a difficult time in your life. Accidents in dreams indicate a fear of not being able to protect those you love or of losing control in certain situations. It is possible that this dream indicates a recent fear or dislike. In some cases it can mean a painful transition, but in the future you will find that it was a good thing for you.

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What does a dream about a car crash mean?

Seeing an accident

A dream in which you see a car accident indicates self-destructive behaviour on the part of people around you. You may need to pay attention to loved ones or friends who are struggling with a past situation. You may need to reach out to someone you are arguing with.
If you see people you don’t know, the dream means difficulties that will pass.

Helping someone injured in an accident

The dreamer predicts that you will get what you want.
Perhaps you work hard or devote a lot of time to your family, so that other areas of your life or other people suffer. Don’t blame yourself. Try to manage your time well. The dream suggests that there is still time to make a difference, perhaps by asking someone to help you cope with the circumstances.

Having an accident

The dream indicates that you are very upset about something. You have the urge to run away, to disappear. But do not give up your dreams.

The dreamer advises you to think about your relationship. Don’t wait or ask again. Make a decision about your future. If you have made a mistake, admit it. Beware of possible betrayal.


Avoid unnecessary travel and handling materials that could cause accidents in the next few days.

Cause an accident

If you had this dream, you may soon find a loving partner.
This dream can also indicate an unsuccessful attempt to win something. Sometimes it’s worth changing your strategy or just letting go.

Avoiding an accident

A dream about avoiding an accident means that you are in control of your life. You may have gone through a lot of trouble recently. You have been a support not only to your family but also to friends and acquaintances. It is time to relax.

Being injured in an accident

If you were the injured party in an accident, the meaning of the dream warns you: take your time when making decisions, be careful. Draw conclusions and learn from your mistakes. Trust your own knowledge and the knowledge of experienced people.

Run away from the scene of an accident

If you fled the scene of an accident in your dream, you will overcome barriers and challenges. Don’t give up, don’t break down, pursue your goal with perseverance. Obstacles always arise, focus on how to overcome them and don’t break down.

Death in an accident

A dream that you died in a car accident says that you are a very good person, but sometimes you talk more than you should, and this hurts others. Another meaning of the dream foretells peace and health.

If you saw an accident in your dream involving someone close to you, it may indicate fear for that person. If you have someone to take care of know that you are a mentor to them and don’t forget to support them. Another meaning of the dream may suggest that something in you is disappearing, perhaps some feeling or anger towards someone.

Types of accidents

Car accident

The dream shows how you carry out your actions, carry out your plans. Don’t forget that life doesn’t have a GPS, so it’s always best to plot well thought out routes to get where you want to go. Slow down. Look at the landscape around you, not only to admire it, but also to reflect and make better decisions.
A dream about a car accident means that you are more committed to the relationship than the other person. If someone in your dream was injured in an accident, it’s a reminder that you can’t control someone’s life.


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Bus accident

A dream about a bus accident can signify financial problems. Your situation may embarrass you at times. Think about why this is the case. Start saving money.

Motorbike accident

A dream about a motorbike accident could mean that you are not choosing what is right for your life. You are working hard but success is not coming. You need to rest and then think carefully about your plans and how to implement them.

Aeroplane accident (plane crash)

A dream about a plane crash means that you will grow professionally. Commit to your work and your efforts will certainly pay off.

A plane crash is a sign that your set goals may be difficult for you to achieve.
The dreamer advises you not to isolate yourself from your friends.

It is a dream that also symbolises longevity.

Accident at sea

The dream warns of problems in your relationship. Do not let the black scenario come true.
Another meaning of the dream is a wish to free yourself from loneliness.

Dream meaning: accident

  • To see an accident – pay attention to your relatives or friends
  • To help an accident victim – you will fulfil your wishes
  • Have an accident – don’t give up on your dreams
  • Cause an accident – you may find a loving partner
  • Avoid an accident – you are in control of your life
  • To be injured in an accident – take your time when making decisions
  • Escape from the scene of an accident – you will overcome barriers and challenges
  • Being killed in an accident – sometimes you talk more than you should
  • Car accident – you are more committed to the relationship than the other person
  • Bus accident – start saving money
  • Motorbike accident – you make bad choices
  • Aeroplane accident (plane crash) – don’t isolate yourself from your friends
  • Accident at sea – take care of your relationship

Mystic Dreamer – meaning of the dream accident

This symbol may mean that if you don’t take extra care when you are awake, you may get into an accident of some kind.


Meaning of the dream accident

If you see an accident in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious to be on your guard against your reckless friends, as they may bring trouble on your head.
If you have been in an accident, it foretells that associating with irresponsible people will cause you losses or problems.
If you have an accident in your dream, it portends big problems for you.
If you have come out of the accident unscathed, it heralds an improvement in your overall situation.
If a car accident occurs in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious not to undertake any travel in the near future.
If a shipwreck occurs in your dream, it is an indication that your affairs of love are about to become more complicated.

Accident dream interpretation

Accident – Dream symbol interpretation

Association: – unexpected change, – excitement. Question: – Where do I oppose the change?

In general:

There is a number of well documented dreams which exact ‘predictions’ of later accidents were. The surest theory in addition (provided that one does not believe anyway in dream prophecies) is that our subconsciousness notes things which avoid our deliberate perception. One can dream, for example, of a certain woman who will cross on quite a certain crossroad – and then passed exactly ead. The explanation can be that this certain crossroad is simply very dangerous and the woman an unadvised pedestrian. Unconsciously one has registered both facts and has recognised the likelyhood that to this woman will happen a little bit. Subliminal we perceive already daily round ourselves many considerably more subtle details subliminal. If one dreams that one has an accident, then it depends on how he happened, especially if it concerns something that one uses regularly, for example, a gardening tool. One checks whether it is in a good state, and is careful if one handles next time with it. However, the accident can also mean generally nothing what he shows, especially if still somebody is involved.


Relatively often the dreams in which the dreaming injures are murdered or is killed, – the special circumstances of such a dream matter. The accident has two meanings in the dream: On the one hand can be dreamt of an accident if in the reality really such has happened and the dreaming processes him now also psychically. On the other hand, the accident is also a dream tip to problems to which he feels not grown. The dreaming produces an accident in the dream not to have to position himself to his problems any more. The dreaming is ordinarily warned, against being careful or against making to himself a concealed aggression deliberate – it is his own or those of other person. Accident contains a warning which often refers also to own carelessness, – one must form the life more prudently and more well-thought-out, otherwise one comes to damage. What this refers specifically to, arises from the personal living conditions. Often he points merely to a negligence in the awake life which calls the unconscious accident which one does not need to take so importantly. Such dreams move fears in the field of vision which deal some or carelessness with certainty or with the fear of responsibility. The people involved in it can be decisive. Do they interfere with your life or do they block your making headway? Care if the dream situation in the real life should happen!


Because there is no accident in the spiritual concept, this dream symbol means divine intervention or interference of a respect-giving spring.



  • warning of danger, – also: Reminder before unadvised behaviour in the contact which entails professional setbacks. (13, – 21)


  • The meaning of the accident is directed after the other visions, however, he always shows a warning. Travelling, business enterprises, risks in dear problems, but also dangerous objects are to be avoided during the following days to use at least, however, with the biggest care. The sign wants to remind of the fact that the life is steered not only through self-determination, but that beyond own access recumbent can thwart all plans. It is a matter of appearing itself anew by constant readiness, of finding his peace.

(European ones).:

  • warning dream, – care in the traffic, – one should undertake for a short time no trip, because the loss of the life threatens,
  • one

  • see: warns about the traffic with careless people, – also: a being close person is possibly in danger,
  • suffer: personal misfortune by the traffic with careless people, – accident danger, not necessarily in the traffic,
  • by car or road suffer: business failures approach,
  • by boat or ship: Problems and difficulties in the private area announce themselves.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Accident

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