If dreaming we hear a foreign language or accent augurs some kind of message and journey.

Dream meaning accent

When in a dream you speak another language with an accent, there is a good chance that you will leave your homeland and go on a long journey or settle somewhere abroad.


If you speak with a foreign accent in your dream, it foreshadows that you will have the desire to leave the country, but you may be worried whether it is definitely a good decision; think carefully before you decide to do anything.

Meaning of the dream AKCENT in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

When you hear a foreign accent in your dream, it foretells trouble that you will have to fight for a long time.

If you have a strange foreign accent in your dream, your friends will turn to you for help.

Dreambook Arabic:

A long, dream journey awaits you.


Dream about Accent

This dream can also indicate the need to learn how to express our ideas, because sometimes we explain them in a way that is incomprehensible.

This symbol also means that internally you are maturing for a life transformation, to change your social role and personal style of living and being.

It also foreshadows new opportunities and journeys in the near future. Listening in a dream to someone speaking with an accent that is foreign or strange to the dreamer is often a good omen.

It can mean that good news is coming soon.

The accent symbolizes an unexpected journey that will be the fulfillment of your fondest dreams. If dreaming you hear an unfamiliar accent or foreign languages, it means that you will soon receive information, or go on a trip.

In addition, it can foreshadow an unexpected letter or news that will positively affect your life. If in a dream we see other people trying to talk to us, but their accent does not allow us to understand what they are talking about, it is a sign of misunderstandings in our daily life.

Troubles can always be dealt with, the most important thing is to realize them and the extent of their impact on our lives.

It is possible that the information we receive is not transmitted correctly, which can cause us problems at work and in our personal life.


If the person dreaming speaks with an accent other than his or her own, it is usually a harbinger of a promotion or favorable changes in professional or academic life. If dreaming one hears a foreign language or accent it augurs some kind of message and journey.

Accent is in symbolism a minor flaw that some may like about you and others may alienate you, the message of the dream depends on your feelings and emotions that the dream arouses in you because if you feel embarrassed about your behavior it is a sign that your lifestyle is changing or should change.

Meaning of the dream accent

Accent dream dictionary
Accent – Dream Symbol Interpretation

To speak with a foreign accent

in search of a better existence you want to change your place of residence, think everything over carefully, if you are sure you can handle it, you will have the desire to leave the country, however, you may be afraid if you are sure it is a good decision, think carefully before you decide to do anything.

Speak a foreign language

you will soon face a change of residence, you will move out of your homeland.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Accent

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