A dream about an impracticable task

A dream about  impracticable task

A dream about an impracticable task

We often dream about the necessity to do something which is impossible to be done.

For instance, we are trying to remove water from our leaking boat using a cup, or are climbing a ladder with an infinite number of steps, etc. Although the dreams are different, they have one thing in common – our mind in the dream assumes that the task is impossible to be done, and the more we are trying, the worse are the effects.

How to interpret a dream about an impracticable task?

Dreams about an impracticable task, which we have to deal with, and which becomes the reason of our defeat, is the way to express our frustration. Maybe we got involved in some hopeless situation, which we can not get out of, e.g, we work in a company in which connections, but not skills matter, or we are in a non-perspective relationship? Consider this dream as a valuabe warning from our mind, change the attitude to the problem and try to change something in your life – it is time for it.

How would Freud interpret a dream about an impracticable task?

Freud believed that dreams in which we are supposed to do never-ending job are a form of punishment and their source is in the masochistic tendencies or our mind. They often appear in the good time of our life, and they are the example of the inversion, which he often mentioned while interpreting dreams.

How would Jung interpret a dream about an impracticable task?

Jung claimed that dreams in which the dominant emotion is frustration, mean the emotional imbalance or the conflict in psyche – between the conscious and unconscious mind, or between feminine and masculine energies.

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