Buffalo dream dictionary

Buffalo – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The bull is quite unambiguously a symbol for male sexuality and strength. Whom he trots by your nightmares, you are afraid of your own (lived out) sexuality – or before that of the partner. Buffalo also warns about too impetuous energy and energy, – then one should consider only thoroughly, before one acts, otherwise one easily makes to himself enemies and will fail from rashness and blind zeal. The buffalo only sometimes circumscribes the learning ability (‘buffaloes’) of the individual.



  • big profit,
  • see: you get strong supplies for the help.

(European ones).:

  • cross the way: indicates at mighty however silly enemies who position themselves to one in the way, – by clever action the worst can be prevented,
  • Killing a woman many buffaloes, she gets involved in a risqué enterprise, – with a lot of willpower she will win the recognition of the men, and also long-preserved wishes come possibly true.


  • you must consider very much and then act seriously.

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