Bottle dream dictionary


Bottle dream dictionary

Bottle – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Bottle symbolises not seldom a personality with all her qualities which can develop not enough, remains as it were enclosed, – in this case the dream mostly asks to go out more from itself, to use the fullness of own possibilities better. The bottle can sometimes also point to sexual needs. The meaning is depending on the kind and the contents of the bottle which plays a role in the dream.


  • Becoming in the dream a bottle, this means, perhaps, that resources accessible are made to the dreaming whom he owns though for a long time, but up to now has suppressed or has buried.
  • Who drinks from a healthy bottle, therefore, the luck can enjoy in full trains and, admittedly, that what is drunk should be pulled up for the interpretation with.
  • this could mean

  • Trading it to itself around a baby bottle, that the dreaming wants to be well ‘nourished’ and be supported f in his growth.
  • a bottle with alcohol could show the wish for a celebration or for excessive behaviour.
  • a phial symbolises the need to look more intensely after own health.
  • An empty or broken bottle is a symbol of the aggression or the failure and can prepare for disappointments and losses, – the saying translates very realistically ‘luck and glass how easily breaks @’.
  • in the traditional dream interpretation is the bottle a warning of it, themselves ‘to a drunkenness add’ or ‘to let poison’.


At the spiritual level the bottle can be a symbol for the lap, for the principle of the capacity and the seclusion.



  • full ones see: let before immoderation warn, – announcement of a happy meeting with friends,
  • full ones own: you come to honour and one presents you,
  • an empty one: a case can easily bring losses, – means annoyance and incommodities which one should take to heart
  • broken ones: if sad news announces,
  • fill: you bring your success and your money in security,
  • empty: you give away your property and become poor.

(European ones).:

  • sexually and often like prison to understand,
  • full ones see: tells glad hours in, – a joy or invitation soon agree,
  • with clear liquid fullly: stand for some positive, – in the love one will bind difficulties most and himself then successfully to somebody,
  • with wine fullly: if a happy society indicates, – means wealth,
  • with water: good future,
  • a half emptied one: means pure quarrel with a good friend or the partner,
  • empties: secret enemies and disadvantages, – points to lack, – also: proceed in a bad situation from which one must escape again,
  • tip over: must count on domestic worries,
  • break or see broken ones: if a saddening event or sad news,
  • announces

  • from a wine bottle drink: Illness is indicated which one can avoid by precautions.


  • see: Annoyance with the neighbours,
  • break: Grief will enter in your house,
  • fill: you will have a lot of job.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Bottle

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