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A yam is a tuber (root) commonly consumed throughout the world. It is versatile and plentiful. To see a yam in your dream can indicate nutrition and eating. Also, it can indicate versatility and abundance.

The yam in traditions, from Africa to Asia through Australia, is considered a symbol of fertility, longevity and alliance, that is, of understanding and agreement.


Yam(s) : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To dream of eating yams could also indicate sensuality and virility.

Most common dreams with yam

Most common dreams with yam:

Dreaming of digging up yams portends professional success, a job change or a promotion. On the other hand, having rotten yams in your home predicts a hectic time of annoyance with one or more family members. If you throw away the spoiled yam, it’s a good sign of cleanliness. You will get rid of a fake friend.

Dreaming of planting yams announces that your family will be free from want and want. It bodes well for your finances.

Seeing a yam plantation can mean that you have reached a set goal, possibly related to work. It is usually a promotion or a raise.

Buying yams in the market in a dream often symbolizes laziness, especially if you buy yams without negotiating the price.

To dream of peeling yams means that you have made the decision to get rid of an annoying problem in everyday life.


Selling yams on the market indicates that you will soon see an improvement in your financial situation. However, it is also a symbol of hard work that will pay off if you persevere in your efforts.

To dream of cooking yams or preparing a dish with yams indicates that you are satisfied and happy with your life.

What does it mean when you dream about Yam(s)?

Dreaming of yams shows that you will be very strong and dynamic.

Yam offers several benefits to those who consume it and is therefore considered a great food.

That’s why it shows you that things are going to start to thrive and work the way you want and would like, and in addition this “phase” can be quite lasting, as yam is a food that lasts a long time inside your body, it takes longer to metabolize and this is one of its benefits.

So enjoy, start new things, take a chance on what you plan, don’t be too afraid for now.

This strength will bring you courage and willingness to take risks, to do different things, to know new things, this can take you out of your routine and thus observe and learn many good and new things and who knows how to incorporate this into your life.

dream yam

To dream of a yam is a reminder to think of memories of celebration and family gatherings.


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